May 23rd Meeting–How Schools have become Indoctrination Grounds for the LGBT Agenda

How Schools have become Indoctrination Grounds for the LGBT Agenda

As strong supporters of parental rights, we have heard troubling news stories:

  • In June 2016 at Rocklin Academy Gateway (near Sacramento) a kindergarten teacher read two books promoting transgenderism which were brought in by a student who was “transitioning.” The student then changed from his boy clothing into female clothing and was reintroduced as a girl and students were instructed to call him by his new girl name. All of this was done without notifying parents.
  •  In August 2017, again at Rocklin Academy, a first grader is sent to the principal for “misgendering” a classmate. Back to school after summer break, an innocent first grader calls out to a student by his given name – apparently unaware that the boy now identified as a girl and the boy reports it to his teacher.

You can hear the parents relate these stories on Martha MacCallum’s Fox News Program.

Sadly, Rocklin Academy believes that parents have no rights to opt-out their children from this type of indoctrination!

In the center of this controversy fighting for parental rights is our speaker, Karen England, Director of Capitol Resource Institute in Sacramento. CRI’s mission is to educate and strengthen families by working to influence public policy.  Karen has been a frequent guest on Fox News.

Capitol Resource Institute is also the sponsor of The City on The Hill Youth Conference which helps young conservatives learn about state government and ideally consider future involvement in government.  Karen will also give us an update on this program and we will have a student that attended last year’s conference provide her perspective.

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