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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Is There Any Hope to Make California Great Again?

If there is anyone who is qualified to address the potential for California to be great again, it is former California Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly.

Against all odds, Donnelly, a Tea Party favorite was elected and served two terms in the California Assembly.  As a former Minuteman leader in California, Tim is one of the foremost authorities on illegal immigration in the country.

Moderate Republicans in California were so fearful that Donnelly would receive the Republican Nomination for Governor in 2014 that they spent millions to defeat him in favor of their “Democrat-light” candidate Neel Kashkari.  Kashkari only received 40% of the vote to Brown’s 60%.  With the Republican turnout for the November 2014 election standing at 42.2%, Kashkari couldn’t even win the vote of all Republicans.  These are the same “moderate” Republicans that we have to thank for the open primary where we now face elections with ONLY Democrats to choose from in the general election.

Why are “moderate” Republicans so afraid of a real conservative?  Republican strategy so far has resulted in a super-majority for Democrats in Sacramento that allow them to pass anything they want!  What do we need to do to make California Great Again?

In 2010, as a conservative member of the California Assembly, Tim introduced a law similar to Arizona’s SB1070, ending sanctuary cities, increasing penalties for human trafficking of minors, requiring all employers to use e-verify, but in doing so, granting them protection from nuisance lawsuits, and requiring the enforcement of all immigration laws by state and local governments.  In 2013, he led the charge to get Child Protective Services (CPS) audited after CPS in Sacramento County kidnapped a child because the mother wanted a 2nd medical opinion.

Patriot Not Politician:  Win or Go Homeless

In his tell all book, Tim Donnelly shares a story of one man–on the verge of giving up, whom God saved and called to a purpose, restoring his hope in the process.  Once elected, he endeavored to make a difference, and share insights on how to get elected, and how to be effective once you’re inside the building. If God can use him, he can use anyone. 

 Who should attend this meeting?  Conservatives who really want to know why the California Republican Party is on the verge of extinction in California.

Who should NOT attend this meeting?  Republicans who will be offended with the truth.

Date:  Wednesday June 21, 2017

Time:  Check begins at 9:00 AM, Program Begins at 9:30 AM

Location:  Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave, San Jose 95125

Cost:  $15 includes buffet breakfast.  Free to SVARW Reagan, Gold and Sponsor Members

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Venue for Stars and StripesAnnual Stars and Stripes Gala

August 26, 2017

SVARW’s Stars and Stripes Gala is the premier event for conservatives to have fun!  Meet and mingle with fellow conservatives.  It’s a great way for candidates to meet and be known to this very active group of conservatives.

This year the event will again take place at the beautiful Saratoga Estate of Suzanna Cody and her husband Ron Hills.  The evening includes appetizers, a gourmet dinner, wine and music under the stars!

Early-bird tickets for members are $49 and $60 for non-members.  Non-members can pay member price by joining SVARW today.  Their membership is good through December 2018.  Early-bird prices are good through June 21st.

Raffle– The cost of your ticket covers our expenses for this wonderful event.  In order to raise money to fund our candidate support activities, we offer raffle tickets at $10 each.  Raffle items include a wonderful array of gifts!

Sponsorship Opportunities at Stars and Stripes

Do you have a business or organization that you would like to promote to conservatives?  SVARW’s Sponsor Platinum membership level enables you to promote your organization through SVARW’s website, newsletter and eAlerts.  Plus, with Sponsor Platinum membership, you will have a space at Stars and Stripes to promote your organization and Stars and Stripes tickets for you and your spouse are included.  Visit http://www.svarw.com/?page_id=60 to learn more.

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