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Campbell Union School District Trustee Area 5–Vivian Mills

For over 30 years, Vivian Mills has lived in Campbell Union School District and have been very involved in supporting our community.   As a mother of 6, with a Master’s Degree in Education, she is a strong advocate that curriculum and school programs must be transparent to the parent.

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Campbell Union School District Trustee Area  4–Alan Crownover

Alan’s two grandchildren are now enrolled in Campbell Union School District. He is running for school board to do his part to ensure they, along with all the other children in the district and community, have access to the best education possible.

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Campbell Union School District Trustee Area  1–Jon Freedman

Jon is the father of two sons and being a parent is a responsibility that he has never taken lightly.  He is running for school board to be an advocate for parents and children.

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Fremont Union High School District–Linda Price

Linda has been involved in education for 35+ years teaching at the university level.  She is running because schools are now focused on indoctrinating children instead of educating them.

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Franklin McKinley School District–Marc Cooper

Marc has taught high school for 18 years and has had to deal with children arriving from lower grades unprepared to function at grade level.  He is running for Franklin McKinley to ensure a curriculum focused on reading, math, language and science.

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Franklin McKinley School District–Tammy Lariz

Tammy is a life-long Bay Area native who has worked in the education industry for the past 25 years.  She is running for Franklin McKinley school district to ensure that parental rights are not violated.

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Union School District–Zoila Rollins

Zoila is the mother of a child who will be entering Union School District.  She wants to ensure that the priorities of the district are focused on academics and the respect of  parental rights.

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Morgan Hill Unified School District — Dennis Delisle

Dennis is running  because our children deserve better.  It is not about school funding.  It is about school focus.  Student proficiency in reading, math and language must be our focus.

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Morgan Hill Unified School District — Pamela Gardiner

Pamela is a loving mother and parent and a concerned citizen.  She is running for School Board to represent the values of parents in our school community.

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Palo Alto Unified School District–Ingrid Campos

Ingrid is a parent who has been very involved with her children’s education in Palo Alto School District.  She has experienced first hand the inconsistencies in the education of her children and wants to ensure that parental rights are preserved for all parents.

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San Jose Unified School District–Andres Macias

Andres is the father of three young sons who believes that the job of teaching values belongs in the home and not in the classroom.  He is running for San Jose Unified School District to make it a safe place to entrust with his children.

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Cambrian School District–Monte Dauer

Monte is the father of 5 children. Despite spending over 30 years in the financial services industry, Monte has managed to set aside time to give back both to my community and around the world.

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Campbell Union High School District –TA3–Adam Rocha

Adam is a business owner who stands firmly against the teaching of CRT in the schools.  As a business owner he understands how to manage school district budgets.  As a member of the board of trustees he will be an advocate for parents and students.

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