The Pragmatic Conservative Voter: Johnny Khamis for D1 Supervisor

Johnny Khamis for Santa Clara County District 1 Supervisor

Johnny Khamis is our preferred candidate to take over as County Supervisor for District 1. Yes, he publicly left the Republican party, and he’s had some disagreements in the past with SVARW. We all make mistakes. But he comes with a strong conservative voting record.

In the two terms Khamis served as a San Jose City Councilmember he was noted as a relentless advocate for fiscal accountability and transparency with the city. He led the effort to bring Laura’s Law to Santa Clara County, holding sex offenders fully accountable, while providing mental health care especially for the homeless. He pushed for fairness and to root out corruption in the application of housing and environmental laws.

We simply can’t afford to have any of the three progressive liberal candidates that are running against him become our D1 Supervisor. Their support of non-citizen voting, refusal to hold criminals accountable, and early sexualization of our schookids would be catastrophic for Santa Clara County.

We love Denelle Fedor’s recent emergence as a Republican candidate, but her funding level and name recognition just aren’t there yet. She’s an ace on our farm team, though, and we hope she doesn’t quit as she’s got a great future.