Expand Republican Voter Registration Project

Use this link to support the SVARW Team:   http://www.fundeasy.com/m/4220504/

Use this link to join the SVARW  Team

We are well aware of the challenges:

  • The Republican Party in California is now the THIRD largest party. Not only are we outnumbered by Democrats but our registration lags behind “Declined to State” (DTS) voters.
  • Only 50% of Evangelicals are registered to vote and only half of those registered actual vote.

Countless political consultants have told us that an easy fix would be to get 100% of Evangelical Christians registered to vote and to turn out at least 50% on Election Day.  To that equation we should definitely add pro-life Catholics and Orthodox Jews.  Political Consultant Craig Huey (www.CraigHuey.com) vividly demonstrated at our November meeting how turning out the Evangelical vote would turn elections in California.

Unfortunately it is not easy get Pastors, Priests and Rabbis to talk about political issues to their congregations.

The Solution:

The Real Options March 9th Walk for Life brings hundreds of Pro-Life supporters  together to raise money for this faith-based organization.  Real Options (FriendsofRealOptions.net) with 3 clinics in Santa Clara County, counsels pro-abortion minded women to consider parenting or adoption.  Women who choose not to terminate their unplanned pregnancy are supported by free prenatal care, maternity clothes and necessities to take care of their new born including clothes, diapers and a new car seat.  All this is done without ONE TAX PAYER DOLLAR.

SVARW has signed up to be a corporate sponsor for this March 9th event.  This will give us an opportunity to have a table and signage at the event and let the hundreds of participants know that REPUBLICANS share their values.  Our goals are:

  • Engage with registered Republicans and encourage them to join our email list and attend our meetings.
  • Register pro-life supporters to vote Republican.
  • Convince pro-life Democrats that the Republican Party is more aligned with their values.

How you can help:

  • Join the SVARW Team walking on March 9th and help raise money.
  • Support the SVARW Team by donating to Real Options (tax deductible) through one of the SVARW Team members. This is very important because all participating teams (mostly Evangelical Churches) will be watching the ranking of the teams based on money raised.  We need the SVARW Team to be noticed.  We need to attract attention so participants are drawn to our sponsorship table.


Use this link to support the SVARW Team:   http://www.fundeasy.com/m/4220504/