Governor’s Budget Continues to Up Spending By Senator Mike Morrell

Governor’s Budget Continues to Up Spending By Senator Mike Morrell

There’s a new governor in Sacramento, but nothing has changed. State Sen. Mike Morrell, who was SVARW’s guest speaker in September, recently send out a letter detailing the additional spending proposed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. If adopted, Newsom’s plan would force Californians to either buy health insurance or pay a tax, just after the federal mandate for health insurance ended. His entire budget would be a record-breaking $209 billion.

Read Sen. Morrell’s entire letter here.  Please write to the governor and your state representatives to oppose this irresponsible budget.

In early January, Governor Newsom put forward his first state budget, proposing to spend a recordhigh $209 billion. Before his announcement, Democratic legislators had already called for spending another $40 billion of our tax dollars during just the first month of the legislative session.

The governor pledged in his inaugural address that his administration would be “prudent with taxpayer dollars.” Yet from the outset, his budget commits to new programs and ongoing spending that could become a problem when the economy inevitably slows down.

State and local government debt is already pegged at $1.3 trillion – further expanding programs and services, no matter how laudable, only threatens to add to this burden.

While reserves may look substantial now, what goes up will eventually come down. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst warns that if state spending ramps up, even a moderate recession would devastate any reserves.

Additionally, the state is currently on the hook for more than $180 billion in future retirement costs. If the state does not take major steps to address pension and health care retirement debt, it will continue to balloon.

The governor’s budget proposal also forces Californians to buy health insurance or pay a tax, just after the federal government provided relief from this mandate. He has made it clear that he wants to pursue a one-size-fits-all single-payer health care system that could cost as much as $400 billion. To put that in context, the entire amount of income tax collected from Californians last year was $95 billion and the total state general fund budget is less than half the cost of the governor’s health care plan.

There is nothing “prudent” about telling taxpayers they have no choice but to foot the bill for the majority party’s priorities to increase government control over our lives.

A key reason why we must work to restore California is that it is the battleground for the soul of America. We need to protect our children and their children from the power of an overreaching bureaucratic government.

James Madison warned in 1788 that, “Freedom has been most often taken from the people not in armed clashes, but in the gradual and silent encroachment of those in power.” As one party further consolidates authority in Sacramento, California is inching closer to this reality.

Again, thank you for your willingness to work toward restoring limited constitutional government back to California.

Mike Morrell, Senator, 23rd District

P.S. – We can learn much from the perspectives of other influencers and thinkers who have shaped our politics and society. Renowned economist Milton Friedman was a proponent of the free market and limited government. In this video clip, he explains what he believes are four legitimate functions of government. You can watch the video at