SVARW Meeting September 25th–Sex Education in Public Schools

Sex Education in California Public Schools has become unbelievable! 

Once, parents were required to give their permission.

  Today it has become compulsory, detailed, and graphic – a required course of study from Kindergarten through high school. 

Parents cannot opt their child out.

                          Mark your calendars.  Our September 25th speaker will be Gina Gleason, California Republican Party Delegate and past President of the Chino Valley Federation of Republican Women.  Married for over 40 years, Gina and her husband reside in Southern California.

Gina will discuss AB 329 and the Comprehensive Sex Education Framework that is being forced upon students in the public schools.  She will provide the facts, proof that children are being indoctrinated.   Only one curriculum is offered online for anyone to read.  If you’re interested, visit Advocates for Youth at and their video outlet Amaze at

Some background:  liberal legislators and Governor Brown passed AB 329 in 2015.  The law amended the California Education Code.  All public school districts in California are required to conduct comprehensive age-appropriate instruction in sexual health beginning in kindergarten and continuing through 12th grade.  Included is how to prevent HIV/AIDS.  Old textbooks have been revised.  New textbooks are more explicit and descriptive, discussing gender, sexual orientation, family life, and human reproductive organs and their functions.  The instruction is intended to ensure an understanding of normal human development, body image, gender, produce an unbiased acceptance of sexual orientation, relationships, marriage, family, with knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases, including clear tools and guidance to accomplish this.

What AB 329 is really about is government taking over the rights and responsibilities of parenting to decide what is healthy and what is not healthy.  It’s about government deciding what is normal and what is not normal.  Sexual Health Education aims at encouraging students to explore their sexuality and to accept and normalize students on the fringe.  Parents who cannot afford to home school or put their child in a private or parochial school are feeling powerless.  Parents feel removed from something so important to them, their child’s understanding of their sexuality.  As Charter Schools are not restricted by the Ed Code, they may have found a way around this law, or maybe not.  Compounding the fears of parents is the fact that each teacher behind the closed door of their classroom interprets curriculum through their own life experience.  Many parents have not been made aware of AB 329 and are expressing deep concerns.  Gina Gleason will provide insights, updates, answer questions, and help us all understand what can be done.

For those who believe that citizens must control their government — not the other way around– the question is whether in our Constitutional Republic government has the right to indoctrinate our children.  Has California crossed the line?  Should parents demand to be involved?  Should parents take their children out of the public school?  Is school the proper place to discuss sex and sexuality?  Why should children as young a five or six be subjected to a discussion of sex even if that discussion is deemed age-appropriate?

September 25th is an important presentation.  In advance of September 25th, those who want to understand more about the California Healthy Youth Act:  check out these two websites:  and

Date:  Wednesday, September 25th

Time:  Check in 9:00 AM

Location: Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave. , San Jose

Cost:  $15 includes buffet breakfast.  Free to premium members

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