Survey Results–Top Issues for SVARW Members

Special thanks to the almost 50 SVARW members who responded to our survey asking for topics you’re most interested in hearing about at our upcoming meetings.  You might be interested in the survey results:

  • By far, the number one issue according to our members is border security and illegal immigration, along with the corollary issue of voter integrity. Over half put that down as their number one concern.
  • Tied for second was progressivism and government overreach. Progressivism concerns included the strong shift toward socialism, abuse of power, the use of issues like climate change to gain power, winning by any means possible.
  • Government overreach items included our out of control government, burdensome regulations, money policy, taxes, deficit, and wasteful spending like high-speed rail.
  • National security was a pretty significant concern, including terrorism, law enforcement, sanctuary state policies, cyber security, containing the proliferation of nuclear weapons, corruption within our own government.
  • Next, our members were concerned with Republican loss of power; how do we regain control, how do we assure our President is reelected.
  • Quality of life issues came next, including homelessness, affordable housing, erosion of religious and family values, the need for mental health programs (and our survey was taken before this weekend’s tragic shootings).
  • Lastly, there were several concerned with the impact of fake news, media bias, weaponizing education, dumbing down of our youth, loss of our history, and all this leading to hatred by Democrats.

Surprisingly, only one person mentioned health care as an issue; with the amount of news time health care receives, one would expect it to be way up top. Not sure if we can attribute this inconsistency to fake news or simply the demographics of our group.

Once again, thanks for your inputs; they’ll be used to develop our programs heading into the future.