October 23rd SVARW Meeting–War Against the Deep State

War Against the Deep State

Can you point to Guam on a map?  Kim Jong-un certainly can!

“ONGOING tensions between US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has put the island of Guam at the centre of an international nuclear stand-off.

The sudden threat of a missile strike raining down on the Pacific US-territory has the world holding its breath, but how has the island found itself in a diplomatic crisis?”

The above is a headline from the UK’s Sun edition on Nov. 7 2018.  We all read and heard similar stories. Most of us thought that this assault by North Korea on a US Territory was something new that Little Rocket Man devised to provoke President Trump.

Guess again!  Guam is a mere three-hour plane flight from North Korea.  Missiles had been raining down on Guam while Obama was president.  Wonder why we never heard about that?

Although the residents of the US Territories including Guam cannot vote for the president, they do elect delegates to both the Democrat and Republican Presidential Conventions and are represented to the national political party committees.

Our speaker, Margaret Metcalfe, was born in Guam and represents this territory on the Republican National Committee (RNC).  A Republican presidential candidate needs at least the endorsement of 8 states or territories to be able to run in the Republican Primary.   Margaret Metcalfe relates that there was no question in 2016 that Donald Trump got Guam’s vote.  While the other candidates talked about their qualifications, Trump was the only one that said he would protect Guam from Kim Jong-un.

RNC? CAGOP? SVGOP?  The entire structure of the Republican Party is a mystery to most Republicans…even members of SVARW who make an effort to be informed!  Margaret will tell us how they relate to each other and most importantly…why you should care.

Margaret also represented the Governor of Guam to the Executive Branch of the US Government.  She and her husband Chris spent three years living in Arlington, Virginia.  She has come face-to-face with the Deep State and will tell us her stories!

You will love Margaret!  We are so fortunate that Margaret and Chris Metcalfe are members of SVARW!  She did us proud representing SVARW on a July 23, 2019, radio program broadcast from the Stanford campus.  The host had invited SVARW and the head of another local Republican group.  While Margaret boldly ticked off Trump’s accomplishments, the other Republican gave some story about why he couldn’t endorse Trump for re-election.

Date:  Wednesday, October 23rd

Time:  Check in 9:00 AM

Location: Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave. , San Jose

Cost:  $15 includes buffet breakfast.  Free to premium members

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