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January 24, 2019–Letter to Pelosi written by long-time member:

To: Mrs. Nancy Pelosi,

The purpose of this letter is regarding to my full support for the construction of the wall and secures our border. My voice is the echo of many Hispanic women; I don’t understand why you don’t accept the facts that President Trump has been stated in many times.  I support his plan because I was a victim and witnessed the crimes of three men who flee from Mexico to USA 35 years ago. I was a victim of physical and mental abuse of those criminals, rapists and murders.

This happened 35 years ago but still I have horrible memories, when this criminal were beating me, punching my stomach pulling my hair and dragged me, they were laughing about their crimes and telling me what they were thinking to do with me. They described how they rape three little angels and murdered them Angelita one year old, other one little girl 28 months and for the last and another innocent of 3 years old. I’m still anxiety about these memories. I was so fortunate people who helped me, but I made a promise to the mothers of those angels to help them to find justice. They were single, poor mothers who needed to work and left their babies in care of neglected people.

I took two days for me to recuperate of this horrible experience and with the help of good people, I was able to find their names and where they were living , sadly when I came with this information, they left the county to California with the help of friends and relatives who were living in CA. I failed to their mothers to find justice for them; this is case of many more. Many criminals are still abusing of innocent people and coming here. YOU ALLOW their entrance without not checking their background. I think you were are the kind of person who thinks, women look for other women. But this looks for you don’t care about women who are poor and Hispanic.

I just can’t understand these angels could be find justice if those criminal could not leave Mexico.

These are points allowing the illegal entrance.

  • Human traffic: When girls are abducted from their families or false promise bring them to USA for prostitution or they are killed.
  • People who travel either their lost their life’s in accidents, murdered, rape or abducted for the cartels who may ask for ransom or use them for transport drugs.
  • The drugs when came to USA are using for poisoning, and kill and destroy many families.
  • Some men and women who come to USA to find jobs are leaving their families, and never come back to support their families, they neglected their families.
  • With the caravans Mexico suffers too, some the communities have to deal with garbage, human defecation, and diseases.
  • I have family in who lives in the city of Mexico City and doctor’s advice to them have all the immunizations due to the caravan. They have the resources to pay for the immunizations but many people are unaware or they don’t have the resources to protect themselves.
  • When you don’t enforce the legal entrance you are allowing all this issues.
  • Many indigents are forced to plant or killed for the drug cartels to take possession of their lands.


I lived in Mexico for 26 years and many years here THESE ARE FACTS.

I’m willing to testify in front of the legislators to hear my TRUTH and save more life’s.

March 28, 2019–Article shared by new member.

I am a recently minted Republican, and I join your ranks along with parents across the country whose children were harmed by vaccines. In every state Democrats are pushing to eliminate exemptions. Since the 1986 NCVIA, vaccine requirements have risen from 23 to 69 doses1, and none of the monitoring research for safety that was mandated for HHS has been done2. Families have been unable to obtain medical exemptions from any major providers in the Bay Area. SB2763 would largely eliminate the ability of independent physicians to write exemptions, and create a registry. AB2624 would give unlimited powers to health officers in case of any minor outbreak of infectious disease, including flu and chicken pox. Children have been placed under house arrest in other states5 6.


Homeschooling is also under attack—three states including ours have proposed to put a mandatory reporter or CPS agent in every homeschooling home. My son had hives and two other serious reactions. My bags are packed. If AB262 passes we will be gone before the ink is dry. If you don’t believe vaccines cause injuries, please read the stories on NVIC7, they deserve to be heard. If you believe vaccines can fully eradicate disease, please see the Physicians for Informed Consent pages, and Dr. Brian Hooker’s testimony on the measles vaccine8 9. As they lie about prices and safety and effectiveness for other products, manufacturers and industry-captured federal regulators lie about vaccines.


I tell my lifelong Dem friends in other states, as California’s policies spread their way, that Republicans are welcoming and kind and open to discussion and inclusive of me and the other women like me in California. We have more in common than I knew. We are most of us, for the first time, calling and visiting our representatives, attending hearings at the capitol, and donating to political campaigns, especially those committed to parents’ rights and support of the Nuremburg Code of Medical Ethics. We are seeing other things, Obamacare and the 2nd amendment for example, in a new light. Please look into these bills and hear us. Thank you.