June 26th SVARW Meeting

How the Democrats Stole the Black Vote and

How the Republicans Can Win it Back​!

Karen Watson

Founder and President of ​ GOPBuzz.com​ , an internet portal for Republican centric events nationwide, Karen Watson has written and recently completed her second book, ​ How the Democrats Stole the Black Vote and How the Republicans Can Win it Back​ . Her first book, ​ Being Black and Republican in the Age of Obama​ remains a huge success and has gone a long way in restoring the brand of the party of Lincoln.

While a high school student in 1984, Watson attended her first Republican National Convention to nominate Reagan/Bush and has remained active in the Republican Party. A keynote speaker at various Tea-Party and Republican clubs, Watson communicates her message that “conservative values are the right values for​ all Americans, regardless of race or gender”. Watson is a native Texan and lives in Dallas.

Watson has been interviewed on numerous radio and television shows and has spoken at over 200 events across the country.  She has recently been added as a columnist with Politichicks.

Watson majored in English with a Speech minor and a language concentration in Russian, at the University of Texas in Austin. When Watson was a Vice-President at Bank of America, she became the #1 mortgage loan officer in units and volume nationwide for four consecutive years.


WEDNESDAY–June 26, 2019

Tickets are $15 and include buffet breakfast.  Event is free to Reagan, Patriot Gold and Sponsor members but please RSVP.

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Location:  Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave. San Jose, CA 95125.

Time: Check in begins at 9:00 AM, Program begins at 9:30 AM


Need Conservatives to Apply for Redistricting Commission



The process to start a new Citizen’s Redistricting Commission is beginning.  Below are the critical pieces of information contained in a timeline format.  The State Auditor’s Office will set a website to collect applications.  The site should be up in about 3 weeks.

Stage 1       Initial Application June 10 thru August 9, 2019

Stage 2       Supplemental ApplicationAugust 11 thru September 11, 2019

  • Persons interested in serving have 30 days to submit a supplemental application. This entails writing an essay detailing why they want to be on the commission and references.

Stage 3       Applicant Review PanelSeptember 12 thru February 14, 2020

  • State Auditor appoints a panel of three auditors (one Democrat, one Republican, one Independent), each with 10 years or more experience, to review the credentials of all applicants who filed their supplemental material.

 The auditor panel has until February 14, 2020 to narrow the list of applicants down to 120 people – 40 Democrats, 40 Republicans & 40 Independents.

 Stage 4       Interview 120 applicants February 18 thru April 20, 2020

  • Public interviews of 120 applicants

Stage 5       Select top 60 applicants April 21 thru May 8, 2020

  • List of 20 Democrats, Republicans & Independents sent to Legislature

 Stage 6       Legislative Strike Process – May 15 thru June 30, 2020

  • Each Legislative Leader gets to strike two applicants from each pool = up to 24 strikes in total.

Stage 7       State Auditor Gets Remaining applicants By July 5, 2020

  • State Auditor selects first 8 members of the commission
  • Choices are made randomly by ping-pong ball drawing

Stage 8       The 8 Members of Commission choose the final 6 Members.

  • By August 15, 2020, the new Citizen’s Redistricting commission is set
  • They have one-year to draw the new maps.

Commissioner Screening Criteria

According to the State Auditor, the Redistricting Review Panel is limited to three criteria when determining the qualifications of Commission Applicants.  These criteria are:

  • Ability to be impartial
  • Appreciation of California’s diverse demographics and geography
  • Possess relevant analytical skills

Ability to Be Impartial

According to the Auditor, the Act itself places a high priority on the first criteria, ability to be impartial.  As stated in the Regulations promulgated by the Auditor in 2009, “As discussed previously, commission members must review large amounts of information as well as receive public testimony from individuals and communities.  In doing so, we believe that a commission member must have the capacity or willingness to set certain considerations aside to evaluate the information he or she is receiving with an open mind and to make decisions that are fair.”  Thus based on this standard, the auditor concluded that the candidate would need to have the capacity and willingness to set aside the following:

  • Personal interests, including personal financial interests.
  • Biases for or against any individuals, groups, or geographic areas.
  • Support for or opposition to any candidates, political parties, or social or political causes.

Appreciation of California’s Diverse Demographics and Geography

In identifying 60 of the most qualified applicants, the panel will need to look for experiences that demonstrate an applicant has an appreciation for California’s diverse demographics and geography.  An applicant may demonstrate this through a description of his or her appreciation for California’s diverse demographics and geography in his or her application and/or during the course of an interview, and through occupational, academic, and life experiences.  Those experiences may include, but are not limited to:

  • Working on a project of statewide or local concern that affected Californians of different backgrounds and from different areas, resulting in an acceptable outcome to those Californians.
  • Studying voting behavior of Californians in various areas of the state for the purpose of improving the electoral process.
  • Traveling throughout the state and meeting with a broad range of individuals to build consensus on some issue of statewide concern.


Relevant Analytical Skills

The regulations also consider ways in which applicants can demonstrate that they have the relevant analytical skills.  While the Act does not require individuals to possess specific knowledge or experience, prior experience may demonstrate that a candidate possesses the relevant analytical skills.  Thus, an applicant may demonstrate that he or she possesses relevant analytical skills by describing those skills in his or her application or during the course of an interview, or through occupational, academic, and life experiences that involved the use of those skills.  These experiences may include, but are not be limited to:

  • Compiling information from many sources, including statistical reports, expert opinions, and comments by members of the public, in order to develop an understanding of an issue.
  • Assessing the value of information received from various sources to determine how much weight should be given to certain information versus other information when making a decision.
  • Using expert advice, particularly legal advice, to make a decision.
  • Participating in group decision-making as a member of a group whose mission was to produce a report, plan, or other work product addressing an issue.

Call to Oppose SB-24

Call members of Senate Appropriations and Oppose SB-24–Phone numbers below

SB-24 (Leyva) Public health: public university student health centers: abortion by medication techniques.(2019-2020)


Mandates on and after January 1, 2023, each public university student health center to offer abortion by medication techniques as up to 10 or 12 weeks as a “basic health service.”

Arguments in Opposition:

  • No other states currently provide medical abortions at their state college and university student health centers.
  • Californians for Life write this bill is a pro-abortion effort which does nothing to help pregnant students on campus find the comprehensive resources they need in order to have real choices, real options, other than abortion.
  • CSU and the UC systems have not weighed in on the issue besides stating that the Student Health Centers are concerned with the need for follow-up care and back-up care for emergencies once the medication is administered.
  • Donna Harrison, the executive director of the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, says abortion pills can be deadly.
  • “The false idea that drug-induced abortion is ‘safe’ is an often repeated mantra which flies in the face of the fact that studies show almost one out of five women will experience a major complication like excessive bleeding, infection, tissue left inside or other complications resulting in an emergency room visit and possibly emergency surgery to complete the abortion,”
  • Staff may not be able to maintain the skill necessary to use an ultrasound machine to accurately determine whether the medication can be administered safely.


 History: Passed out of Senate Health and Senate Appropriations

 Next Step: Set for hearing May 13 – Senate Appropriations

 Will head to Senate Floor for a vote and then to Assembly policy committees

SENATE COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS – http://sapro.senate.ca.gov/
Member Role Party/District Cities Capitol District Email
Anthony J. Portantino Chair D-25 (916) 651-4025 Glendale: (818) 409-0400, San Dimas: (909) 599-7351 senator.portantino@senate.ca.gov
Patricia C. Bates Vice Chair R-36 (916) 651-4036 Laguna Hills: (949) 598-5850, Encinitas: (760) 642-0809 senator.bates@senate.ca.gov
Brian W. Jones (916) 651-4038 El Cajon: (619) 596-3136 senator.jones@senate.ca.gov
Steven Bradford D-35 (916) 651-4035 (310) 412-6120 senator.bradford@senate.ca.gov
Jerry Hill D-13 (916) 651-4013 (650) 212-3313 senator.hill@senate.ca.gov
Bob Wieckowski D-10 a (916) 651-4010 (510) 794-3900 senator.wieckowski@senate.ca.gov


Stars and Stripes Gala set for August 24th–Early Bird Tickets on sale!

SVARW Annual Stars and Stripes Gala

Saturday, August 24, 2019, 5:00-9:00 PM

SVARW’s Stars and Stripes Gala is the premier event for conservatives to have fun!  Meet and mingle with fellow conservatives and office holders.  It’s a great way for candidates to meet and be known to this very active group of conservatives.

This year the event will again take place at the beautiful Saratoga Estate of Suzanna Cody and her husband Ron Hills.  The evening includes appetizers, a gourmet dinner, wine and music under the stars!

Early-bird tickets for members are $59 and $69 for non-members.  Non-members can pay member price by joining SVARW today.  Their membership is good through December 2020.  Early-bird ticket prices are good through June 30th.  After June 30th, the price is $69 for members and $79 for non-members.   Price includes valet parking.

Raffle—Our raffle drawing is famous!  Raffle items include a wonderful array of gifts!

Declared candidates for 2020 will have an opportunity to raise money for their individual campaigns by offering raffle tickets to those who donate to their campaigns.  Raffle tickets are $10 each. Last year at Stars and Stripes, candidates raised over $5,000 collectively

Sponsorship Opportunities at Stars and Stripes

Do you have a business or organization that you would like to promote to conservatives?  SVARW’s Sponsor Platinum membership level enables you to promote your organization through SVARW’s website, newsletter and eAlerts.  Plus, with Sponsor Platinum membership, you will have a space at Stars and Stripes to promote your organization and Stars and Stripes tickets for you and your spouse are included.  Visit http://www.svarw.com/?page_id=60 to learn more.

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You can pay by check.  Just click link below, download flyer and following instructions to mail:

Stars and Stripes 2019


Governor’s Budget Continues to Up Spending By Senator Mike Morrell

Governor’s Budget Continues to Up Spending By Senator Mike Morrell

There’s a new governor in Sacramento, but nothing has changed. State Sen. Mike Morrell, who was SVARW’s guest speaker in September, recently send out a letter detailing the additional spending proposed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. If adopted, Newsom’s plan would force Californians to either buy health insurance or pay a tax, just after the federal mandate for health insurance ended. His entire budget would be a record-breaking $209 billion.

Read Sen. Morrell’s entire letter here.  Please write to the governor and your state representatives to oppose this irresponsible budget.

In early January, Governor Newsom put forward his first state budget, proposing to spend a recordhigh $209 billion. Before his announcement, Democratic legislators had already called for spending another $40 billion of our tax dollars during just the first month of the legislative session.

The governor pledged in his inaugural address that his administration would be “prudent with taxpayer dollars.” Yet from the outset, his budget commits to new programs and ongoing spending that could become a problem when the economy inevitably slows down.

State and local government debt is already pegged at $1.3 trillion – further expanding programs and services, no matter how laudable, only threatens to add to this burden.

While reserves may look substantial now, what goes up will eventually come down. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst warns that if state spending ramps up, even a moderate recession would devastate any reserves.

Additionally, the state is currently on the hook for more than $180 billion in future retirement costs. If the state does not take major steps to address pension and health care retirement debt, it will continue to balloon.

The governor’s budget proposal also forces Californians to buy health insurance or pay a tax, just after the federal government provided relief from this mandate. He has made it clear that he wants to pursue a one-size-fits-all single-payer health care system that could cost as much as $400 billion. To put that in context, the entire amount of income tax collected from Californians last year was $95 billion and the total state general fund budget is less than half the cost of the governor’s health care plan.

There is nothing “prudent” about telling taxpayers they have no choice but to foot the bill for the majority party’s priorities to increase government control over our lives.

A key reason why we must work to restore California is that it is the battleground for the soul of America. We need to protect our children and their children from the power of an overreaching bureaucratic government.

James Madison warned in 1788 that, “Freedom has been most often taken from the people not in armed clashes, but in the gradual and silent encroachment of those in power.” As one party further consolidates authority in Sacramento, California is inching closer to this reality.

Again, thank you for your willingness to work toward restoring limited constitutional government back to California.

Mike Morrell, Senator, 23rd District

P.S. – We can learn much from the perspectives of other influencers and thinkers who have shaped our politics and society. Renowned economist Milton Friedman was a proponent of the free market and limited government. In this video clip, he explains what he believes are four legitimate functions of government. You can watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYb-dzFN3n8.