SVARW Meeting March 25th –Understanding California Elections

Understanding California Elections

“How can you fight for fair and free elections unless you first understand the process?”—Mark Meuser

We have all watched while our less than honest Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, has literally changed California’s elections into a socialist utopia.  Ballot harvesting, now legal in California, caused Republicans to lose every contested race in 2018.  We’ve all heard horror stories of non-citizens registering to vote with the Motor Voter act.  And new California election laws allow a voter to register on the day of an election using an electric bill for identification!

Mark Meuser is an Election Law expert.  As the Republican nominee for Secretary of State in 2018, he fought hard to replace Padilla.  Throughout his campaign, he uncovered incident after incident of voter fraud, such as voters registered at 7-Elevens and warehouses, dead voters voting, voters not in residence at addresses found on voter rolls.  He has a thorough understanding of the election process in our state, and as a native Californian and a small business owner, he’s committed to fighting for honest and fair elections.

By age 15, he managed a local restaurant. By age 21, he purchased his own pizza restaurant. While his restaurant business was thriving, Meuser began studying law. He graduated with honors from the Oak Brook College of Law.

To better help small businesses owners handle California’s complex regulatory environment, he opened The Meuser Law Group. Meuser operated a diverse civil litigation firm that represented both individuals and small businesses. Meuser operates a diverse civil litigation firm.

Date:  Wednesday March 25, 2020

Location:  Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave., San Jose, 95125

Cost:  $15 includes buffet breakfast.  FREE to Premium Members (Reagan, Patriot Gold and Sponsors.

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Bill to Allow Illegal Aliens to Run for Democrat Party Seats

Sen. Wiener Announces Bill to Allow Illegal Immigrants Run for Official Democratic Party Seats

As the Supreme Court announced Friday it will decide in the Trump administration plan to end the DACA program

By Katy Grimes, June 29, 2019 3:48 pm

Friday, Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), introduced legislation to allow illegal immigrants to run for official Democratic Party County Central Committee and State Delegate Seats. According to Wiener, “SB 288 would allow for Dreamers and other immigrants to appear on the ballot in order to run and serve on California Democratic Party Central Committees and as State Delegates to the Party.”

The timing of Wiener’s bill is suspicious since the Supreme Court just announced Friday it will decide if the Trump administration plan to end the DACA program for 700,000 young illegal immigrants can proceed. DACA, created by Executive Order, is the Obama-era “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

“The justices announced Friday they will hear oral arguments on the appeal in its next term, which begins in October. A ruling is expected in the presidential election year, putting the high court at the center of one of the most politically charged issues,” Shannon Bream at Fox News reported. Bream is an attorney.

The Trump administration announced in 2017 its plan to end DACA, and was immediately challenged in federal courts in New York and California and blocked by judges.

A long list of other Democrats support Wiener’s bill.

Wiener sent out the following lengthy press release Friday:

Dreamers, Democratic Party leaders, and immigrant rights advocates rallied to announce the introduction of Senate Bill 288. SB 288 would make it legal for Dreamers and other immigrants to run for California Democratic Party County Central Committee seats and for California Democratic Party Delegate positions. It is currently impossible for Dreamers and other immigrants to register as Democrats and thus run for these positions. A “Dreamer” is an individual born in a foreign country who was brought to the U.S. by family or others as a minor and subsequently raised in this country. Many have obtained college degrees, served in the military, and become active participants in their communities. These outdated and discriminatory rules that prohibit them from fully participating in many aspects of civic life have no place in our democracy.

“As our immigrant communities face vicious attacks from this President and his administration, California must embrace, lift up, and empower immigrant voices and leaders,” said Senator Wiener. “Immigrants contribute to our economy, culture, and civic life. They’re already leaders in our communities and should have a seat at the table. The Democratic Party will continue to lead as the party that embraces all communities, and this legislative fix will help keep us on track.”

While existing law does not explicitly require that CDP delegates and central committee members be U.S. citizens, it does specify that, in order to be elected to a position within the CDP, a person must already be registered or affiliated with the party (Elections Code §7209). Registered voters’ party preference is shown on their affidavits of registration at the time they register to vote. Since the affidavit must show an individual is eligible to vote, and non-U.S. citizens are ineligible to register to vote, Dreamers and other immigrants are unable to run for delegate or central committee seats in the CDP.

“Our Party is at its best when it empowers our communities and embraces our diversity,” said California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks. “Today, I am proud to support SB 288 to welcome our immigrant sisters and brothers into the ranks of the California Democratic Party. I look forward to its swift passage and implementation.”

SB 288 allows Dreamers and other immigrants to take on both state and local leadership roles in the CDP. This important measure will help ensure that, in a party committed to empowering and expanding the rights of immigrants, the Dreamer and immigrant perspective can be present and a part of the Democratic Party.

“I am a proud immigrant,” said Sarah Souza, a Dreamer, member of the San Francisco County Democratic Party Central Committee, and President of the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club. “I am American in every way except for documentation. I dream of the day I become a citizen and register to vote. Meanwhile, I want to pave the way for all immigrants to fully participate in the California Democratic Party regardless of citizenship. SB288 is an opportunity for California to truly stand with immigrants; representation is crucial to advancing immigrant justice. Immigrants are the bedrock of California. Therefore, it is time for immigrants to have a seat at the table. California’s non-Citizen population is more than 5 million of the more than 38 million residents of California, and the California Democratic Party is stronger when we utilize the talents of all our residents. SB288 will set an important precedent in the history of California by allowing all Californians to have the ability to represent themselves.”

An estimated 200,000 Dreamers live in California alongside a broader immigrant population of over 2.5 million.  Although current law excludes Dreamers and other immigrants from taking on leadership roles in the Democratic and other political parties, a variety of related policies have aimed to better include them in other settings. In 2018, Governor Jerry Brown nominated Lizbeth Mateo to serve as an education advisor. Upon confirmation she became the first-ever Dreamer to receive a statewide appointment. In early 2019 the Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, David Campos, appointed a Dreamer, Sarah Souza, to serve on San Francisco’s Central Committee. Recent legislative actions have also expanded Medi-Cal and other public benefits to many immigrants. Activists and policymakers affiliated with the CDP have been on the forefront of these changes, and there is a broad appetite within the party to better incorporate the perspectives of Dreamers and other immigrants into the political process.

Also present at the press conference were Dreamer and immigrant rights advocate Adriana Souza, California Young Democrats Latino Caucus Communications Director Megan Imperial, San Francisco Young Democrats Co-President Luis Zamora, San Francisco Latino Democratic Club Vice President Kevin Ortiz, California Democratic Party Chicano Latino Caucus Secretary and Immigrant Parent Right to Vote, Prop N (2016) Campaign Manager Gabriel Medina, La Raza Community Resource Center Executive Director Melba Maldonado, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus Policy Director and Senior Staff Attorney Angela Chan, Northern California Democratic Filipino American Caucus Vice Chair Rob Chua, San Francisco Democratic Party Executive Director Han Zou, Rose Pak Democratic Club PAC Chair Queena Chen, DSA San Francisco Electoral Committee Co-Chair, Progressive Democrats of America San Francisco, and Assembly District 17 Delegate Dr. Hae Min Cho, San Francisco Youth Commission President Bahlam Vigil, Mission Economic Development Agency Director Richard Raya, and SEIU Local 2015 Coordinator Leon Chow.

SB 288 is co-authored by Senators Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica), Anna Caballero (D-Salinas), Maria Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles), Lena Gonzalez (D-Long Beach), Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), and Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), and  Assemblymembers David Chiu (D-San Francisco), Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) and Phil Ting (D-San Francisco).

Additional Quotes:

“We need to update this rule if our party is truly committed to empowering our immigrant communities,” said Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, Chairwoman of California’s Legislative Latino Caucus. “Our DREAMers and immigrant constituents are some of the most actively-engaged community members. They are the leaders we need within the California Democratic Party.”

“It is long past time we ensure our immigrant communities have a seat at the table in the political process,” said Assemblymember Chiu, Chair of the California Legislative API Caucus. “I am proud to co-author this effort with Senator Wiener to give all Californians a voice in our Party.”

“I support SB 288 because it gives our Dreamers and other undocumented immigrants an opportunity to participate in our democratic process by allowing them to serve freely and openly as full members of the California Democratic Party,” said David Campos, Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party. “It allows them to come out of the shadows, to have a seat at the table.

“California is home to 2 million undocumented individuals. SB 288 provides opportunities for undocumented individuals, who are already at the margins of our society, to be given a legitimate seat at the table within the Democratic Party. This bill was spearheaded by Dreamer, Sarah Souza. We are proud that Senator Wiener has been and continues to be an ally in the fight to uplift immigrant communities, regardless of citizenship status.” –California Young Democrats Latinx Caucus

“I want to acknowledge the Ohlone people on whose land we live and work, and to whom we are all immigrants,” said Dr. HaeMin Cho, Co-Chair of DSA SF Electoral Committee and Progressive Democrats of America SF, and Assembly District 17 delegate. “I came to this country when I was 2 years old, an undocumented economic refugee from post-war South Korea. We are facing a humanitarian crisis at our border, in our cities, and on our planet. There is only one race and one planet. Thank you Latino Democratic Club President Sarah Souza and SF Democratic County Central Committee Chair David Campos for uplifting all immigrant communities and helping us to have a voice in the political process of the Democratic Party.”

Full text of the bill can be found here.

Sen. Wiener Announces Bill to Allow Illegal Immigrants Run for Official Democratic Party Seats


SVARW Meeting–February 26th–Trump’s 2016 Photographer–Gene Ho

Gene Ho, Trump Photographer

Witness to History in the Making

What photographers see is often overlooked by everyone else. Gene Ho, a successful Chinese-American photographer who was not at the time a Trump supporter, was catapulted into the national limelight as an innocuous fly-on-the-wall witness to history, a view that few people get to experience.

Because he was so close to Donald Trump over the course of the entire 2016 campaign (and will be on the 2020 campaign as well!), Gene Ho got to have and view countless interactions with candidate Trump and his family, and can speak to a few media myths better than most.

Gene offers a first-hand account of the campaign, with one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes anecdotes as seen through the eyes and lens of Donald Trump’s personal campaign photographer from its earliest days when Trump’s audiences were as small as 50 people to the end of the entire two year campaign where that first trickle soon became a river of enormous stadiums full of common Americans, brimming with enthusiastic energy.

These common men and women had long been held in wanton disregard by the Globalists, abandoned by the political establishment, and mischaracterized by the media. In Donald J. Trump they saw a champion for the working person and a beacon of hope in lifting their prospects, rejecting the endless wars, and bringing American Greatness into full bloom.

Not only does he share the view from this unique vantage point but he also shares some of his own highs and lows in his personal struggles during the campaign, the complete transformation of his own political views, and how he used Old Testament parables as guideposts of inspiration in order to bring to his life and to the life of his readers, a path to personal freedom. He who has ears, let him hear.  Matthew 13:9

After his presentation, Gene will offer for sale autographed copies of his award-winning book, TRUMPography. This book reveals the principles that drove the campaign and empowered Trump to become the 45th President of the United States of America. Gene shares a great number of personal anecdotes about Donald Trump and those in his close circle during the campaign as well as many of his positive personal qualities and character traits and Gene shines a blinding light on many of the disparaging narratives espoused by the mainstream media.

Date:  Wednesday, February 26th

Time:  Check in 9:00 AM, Program begins at 9:30 AM

Location:  Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave.  San Jose, CA  95125

Cost:  $15 includes breakfast.  Free to Premium Members (Reagan, Patriot Gold and Sponsor)   Click here to purchase tickets or RSVP. 

Trumps Top 10 Accomplishments

Top Trump Administration Accomplishments

 October 5, 2019


President Trump’s policies have put the American economy into high gear.

  • Since President Trump was elected over 6.5 million jobs have been created.
  • Over 500,000 manufacturing jobs have been created.
  • The unemployment rate dropped to 3.5%, the lowest in 50 years.
  • This year, the economy has averaged 161,000 new jobs each month.
  • Wage growth has remained at a consistent 3% during President Trump’s administration.

Foreign Policy

President Trump has restored our nation’s standing in the world

  • President Trump has negotiated better and fairer deals for the American people.
  • President Trump has kept his promise to deliver a modern and rebalanced trade deal to replace NAFTA.
  • A new United States-Japan trade deal was negotiated.
  • President Trump withdrew the United States from the flawed Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • President Trump has forced our allies to recommit to NATO.
  • The United States has successfully decimated ISIS.


President Trump continues to reshape the Federal Judiciary at a record pace and is following through on his promise to appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution and rule of law.

  • President Trump has nominated, and the Senate has confirmed a grand total of 150 Article III judges:
  • 2 Supreme Court Justices – Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh.
  • 43 Circuit Court judges
  • 105 District Court judges

Health Care

President Trump has reduced the cost of health care and taken significant steps to fight the opioid epidemic.

  • President Trump has prioritized fixing our broken health care system and worked with Congress to implement a system that works for all Americans.
  • The President has made it clear patients with preexisting conditions will be protected.
  • The individual mandate penalty has been eliminated.
  • Association Health Plans have been expanded.
  • Short-term, limited duration insurance plans have been extended.
  • President Trump is working to implement his plan to lower prescription drugs.
  • The President signed an Executive Order to improve seniors’ healthcare and improve the fiscal sustainability of Medicare.
  • Reforms to expand Medicare Advantage options and Health Reimbursement Accounts have been expanded.
  • President Trump mobilized his entire administration to address the drug addiction and opioid abuse by declaring a Nationwide Public Health Emergency.


President Trump is promoting a clean and healthy environment for all Americans.

  • The President and the Administration are continuing to pursue policies that encourage environmental protection while promoting economic growth.
  • Since 2005, our energy related carbon emissions have declined more than any other country. This is expected to decrease in 2019 and 2020.
  • Our nation’s environmental record is one of the strongest in the world.
  • According to the White House, from 1970 to 2018, the combined emissions of the most common air pollutants fell 74% while the economy grew over 275%.
  • We have the cleanest air on record and remain a global leader for access to clean drinking water. The President has taken important steps to restore, preserve, and protect our land, air, and waters.


President Trump’s policies have begun to unleash our nation’s energy potential.

  • President Trump signed an Executive Order to expand offshore oil and gas drilling and open more leases to develop offshore drilling.
  • The Administration acted aggressively to increase exports of energy resources to the global market and allowed financing for coal and fossil energy projects.
  • President Trump has approved the infrastructure and provided the resources needed to unleash Oil and gas production in the U.S.

Military and Veterans

President Trump is protecting America and our allies by rebuilding our military and ensuring our veterans receive the care they deserve.

  • President Trump has restored American military strength.
  • Under President Trump’s leadership, Congress passed two historic National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA) which allocate almost $1.5 trillion combined to rebuild and grow our military.


Under President Trump’s administration, women have been empowered to reach their economic potential.

  • Women have experienced record low unemployment under President Trump.
  • In September, the unemployment rate among women was at 3.1%, the lowest in 66 years.
  • During the President’s first year in office, the number of American women in poverty fell by nearly 600,000.

 African Americans

The African American community is benefitting thanks to President Trump’s leadership and the booming economy.

  • Under the Trump Administration, African American unemployment has reached record lows to 5.5%

Latino Americans

Under President Trump’s leadership the Latino American community has thrived.

  • Under President Trump, Latino Americans have experienced record low unemployment.
  • More than 2.7 million jobs have been created for Latino Americans.
  • The Latino American unemployment rate is at a historic low of 3.9%.

Asian Americans

Under President Trump’s leadership Asian American unemployment has reached record lows.

  • Asian American unemployment hit a near record low of 2.5% in September.