April 24th SVARW Monthly Meeting

Learn how votes can be stolen and the election process manipulated!

Non-citizens, whether permanent or temporary residents, regardless of their property ownership or tax payment status, MAY NOT, according to both the U.S. and California constitutions, participate as voters in any federal or state election.

A progression of California state laws have paved the way to circumvent Federal Mandates of the election process, weakening the integrity of ballots cast in many ways:

  • 1998 – CA eliminates voter ID—facilitating voter impersonation
  • 2013 – CA enables non-citizens to be poll workers (AB 817)
  • 2014 – California begins issuing licenses to non-citizens, giving them easy access to registering to vote.
  • 2014 – VBM ballots may arrive up to 3 days late even without a postmark (29 days is not long enough???—further facilitation and encouragement of ballot harvesting,)
  • 2015 – CA passes AB 1461, changing voter registration from an opt-in to an opt-out process; registration happens automatically through DMV interaction unless voter proactively requests in writing not to be registered
  • 2015 – CA passes bill to allow 8 additional days to sign VBM ballot (signature can be done remotely online rather than on actual ballot)
  • 2016 – CA passes SB 450, which essentially legalizes ballot harvesting and authorizes counties to bully voters from voting in person.
  • 2016 – CA passes bill allowing voters to photograph their voted ballot and post it on social media, ALLOWING EASY facilitation of buying and selling of votes and of voter intimidation.

Linda Paine co-founded the Election Integrity Project in 2010 and Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) in 2017.  For eight years, the organization collected data on the easily manipulated California election process that can allow fraud and corruption.

Their efforts paid off in 2018, when Judicial Watch, using EIPCa evidence, filed a suit against the CA Secretary of State and the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters.  The case was settled out of court with a Settlement Agreement that requires the state to clean up voter registration rolls, eliminating millions of errors and inactive voters.

 Linda will be our guest speaker on April 24th giving us an eye-opening presentation of how our election process opens the door for fraud and manipulation.

Date:  April 24, 2019

Time:  Check in 9:00 AM –Meeting begins at 9:30 AM

Location:  Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave. San Jose, CA  95125

Cost:  $15 includes buffet breakfast.  Free to Reagan, Patriot Gold and Sponsor Members.

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Don’t forget to sign up for the Election Integrity Workshop in the evening of April 24th!

Santa Clara County Election Integrity Workshop–April 24th

Team Leader Volunteer Recruitment Meeting

Presented by Linda Paine, President and Co-founder of Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa)

Hosted by the Silicon Valley Association of Republican Women

We need Santa Clara County Team Leader Volunteers to make sure our election process is honest!

The EIPCa is about to launch a statewide Audit of the 2018 elections.  They need team leaders who will guide the efforts of volunteers to implement this Audit, which consists of:

  • Phone calls to registered voters to determine voter experience.
  • Reviewing of requested items at the Registrar of Voters office.

California State Laws have opened the door to manipulation of our election process.  Inaccurate voter rolls and poorly implemented election processes have opened the doors to voter manipulation for years.

EIPCa just WON a lawsuit against the California Secretary of State and the Los Angeles County Register of Voters (January 2019), and now the state must clean up their voter rolls and start following the Federally mandated requirement to maintain accurate voter rolls.

At least 1.5 million inactive registrants must be removed from LA County alone, though every county must also follow the same requirement to remove inactive registrants that qualify to be removed.

The Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) is a non-partisan, non-profit and independent group of volunteers seeking to assure the integrity of the voting process.  Thousands of EIPCa volunteers across the state of California work to protect our most important civil right – the right to choose our representatives by fair and honest elections.

Join us to hear and see this eye-opening presentation!  Volunteer to help collect the evidence that shows that too many have lost their basic civil right to vote and have their vote counted!

Date:  April 24, 2019

Time:  6:30PM to 9:00 PM

Location:  Campbell Community Center, 1 West Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008. Workshop will be held in the Roosevelt Room.

No cost but must RSVP.  Click here. Choose April 24th Election Integrity Workshop.



Youth Conservative Forum Hosts Buzz Patterson – March 26th

Tuesday Evening — March 26th

The Youth Conservative Forum will host New York Times Best Selling Author, Buzz Patterson, on Tuesday night, March 26th.  Doors open at 6:00 PM–Location:  Conference Room at Keller Williams Real Estate Office,  2110 South Bascom Ave. Campbell , CA  95008

Please let the young conservatives among your friends and family know about this exciting opportunity.


Attendees can register at youthconservativeforum.org , and mark their availability on facebook.

March 27th SVARW Meeting–Buzz Patterson

March 27, 2019

Behind-the-scenes Story of the Most Irresponsible President in our History

Our Speaker: New York Times Best Selling Author Buzz Patterson

Lieutenant Colonel “Buzz” Patterson, United States Air Force (Retired), is a military combat pilot, distinguished White House military aide, bestselling author, popular conservative public speaker, and TV talk show host. Among Patterson’s literary efforts include two New York Times best sellers, Dereliction of Duty and Reckless Disregard. His most recent books include War Crimes and Conduct Unbecoming. He hosts the popular TV show, “Power & Patriots,” on the Your Voice America and America’s Voice TV Networks.

Patterson served 20 years as a pilot on active duty in the United States Air Force and saw tours of duty world-wide including combat operations in Grenada, Bosnia, the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Rwanda, and Haiti.

From 1996 to 1998, Colonel Patterson was Military Aide to President Bill Clinton. During that time, he served at the right hand of President and Mrs. Hillary Clinton and was responsible for the President’s Emergency Satchel, otherwise known as the “Nuclear Football,” the black bag with the nation’s nuclear capability that accompanies the president at all times. As such, Patterson had an office and a bedroom in the White House and accompanied the First Family at all times. In addition, Colonel Patterson was operational commander for all military units assigned to the White House, which included Air Force One, Marine One, Camp David, and the White House Transportation Agency.

It was during these years that Colonel Patterson, disgusted and appalled with what he’d personally witnessed in the Clinton White House, developed his conservative vision. Today, he believes in restoring our nation’s constitutional principles and returning our nation to its rightful place as the “shining city on a hill.”

He’s a frequently requested public speaker with appearances at UC-Berkeley, Gonzaga University, the University of North Carolina, St. Louis University, Pepperdine University, UCSB, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library, and the US Congress. He is a frequent guest on talk shows across the country, including television appearances on Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends.  He’s also been heard on radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham.

Date:  March 27, 2019

Time:  Check in 9:00 AM

Location:  Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave., San Jose, CA  95125

Cost:  $15 includes buffet breakfast.  Event is free for PREMIUM members: Reagan, Patriot Gold and Sponsor.

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Governor’s Budget Continues to Up Spending By Senator Mike Morrell

Governor’s Budget Continues to Up Spending By Senator Mike Morrell

There’s a new governor in Sacramento, but nothing has changed. State Sen. Mike Morrell, who was SVARW’s guest speaker in September, recently send out a letter detailing the additional spending proposed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. If adopted, Newsom’s plan would force Californians to either buy health insurance or pay a tax, just after the federal mandate for health insurance ended. His entire budget would be a record-breaking $209 billion.

Read Sen. Morrell’s entire letter here.  Please write to the governor and your state representatives to oppose this irresponsible budget.

In early January, Governor Newsom put forward his first state budget, proposing to spend a recordhigh $209 billion. Before his announcement, Democratic legislators had already called for spending another $40 billion of our tax dollars during just the first month of the legislative session.

The governor pledged in his inaugural address that his administration would be “prudent with taxpayer dollars.” Yet from the outset, his budget commits to new programs and ongoing spending that could become a problem when the economy inevitably slows down.

State and local government debt is already pegged at $1.3 trillion – further expanding programs and services, no matter how laudable, only threatens to add to this burden.

While reserves may look substantial now, what goes up will eventually come down. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst warns that if state spending ramps up, even a moderate recession would devastate any reserves.

Additionally, the state is currently on the hook for more than $180 billion in future retirement costs. If the state does not take major steps to address pension and health care retirement debt, it will continue to balloon.

The governor’s budget proposal also forces Californians to buy health insurance or pay a tax, just after the federal government provided relief from this mandate. He has made it clear that he wants to pursue a one-size-fits-all single-payer health care system that could cost as much as $400 billion. To put that in context, the entire amount of income tax collected from Californians last year was $95 billion and the total state general fund budget is less than half the cost of the governor’s health care plan.

There is nothing “prudent” about telling taxpayers they have no choice but to foot the bill for the majority party’s priorities to increase government control over our lives.

A key reason why we must work to restore California is that it is the battleground for the soul of America. We need to protect our children and their children from the power of an overreaching bureaucratic government.

James Madison warned in 1788 that, “Freedom has been most often taken from the people not in armed clashes, but in the gradual and silent encroachment of those in power.” As one party further consolidates authority in Sacramento, California is inching closer to this reality.

Again, thank you for your willingness to work toward restoring limited constitutional government back to California.

Mike Morrell, Senator, 23rd District

P.S. – We can learn much from the perspectives of other influencers and thinkers who have shaped our politics and society. Renowned economist Milton Friedman was a proponent of the free market and limited government. In this video clip, he explains what he believes are four legitimate functions of government. You can watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYb-dzFN3n8.

Apply for the Santa Clara County Grand Jury

Court Seeks Candidates for Public Watchdog Agency – Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury

The Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara is currently recruiting volunteers for the 2019-2020 Civil Grand Jury. The Civil Grand Jury, an arm of the Superior Court, is a part of the judicial branch of government. It serves as the county’s civil watchdog agency and may examine all aspects of county and city government, special districts, and school districts. It is authorized to inspect and audit books, records, and financial expenditures to ensure accountability of public funds. The Grand Jury may also inspect jails and juvenile detention facilities. Grand Jury service affords citizens the unique opportunity to contribute to the efficiency of local government and to play an integral part in ensuring that government officials are accountable to residents. Grand jurors are civic-minded individuals who are agents of change in their communities. Grand jurors come from all walks of life with varying interests and life experiences; however, they share a common thread: dedication to democratic ideals. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, United States citizens, and residents of Santa Clara County for at least one year prior to selection. Service on the grand jury does require a time commitment of an average of 25 hours per week, or as determined by the Grand Jury. Candidates must be willing to dedicate this year of service to keep careful watch over various aspects of County government, and the one-year term of the 2019-2020 panel will begin on June 20, 2019. Grand Jurors are paid per diem for all official grand jury business and reimbursed for their mileage. The application deadline is Friday, March 29, 2019. Persons interested in applying may obtain an application online at www.scscourt.org under “Civil Grand Jury.” Questions about the Grand Jury may also be directed to CGJ@scscourt.org or by contacting Britney Huelbig, Deputy Manager with the Superior Court, at (408) 882-2721.

Civil Grand Jury – Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara

This page has links to the Civil Grand Jury current year reports, and has general information about the Civil Grand Jury.



Donate to fund The Trump Wall



We The People Will Fund The Wall

• My name is Brian Kolfage, I have a verified blue check facebook page as a public figure and I’m a Purple Heart Recipient triple amputee veteran.

•  AFTER DONATING VISIT www.WeFundTheWall.com to join our groups on social media

• Please read entire statement before emailing questions

• DO NOT MAKE DONATIONS IN CELEB/POLITICIAN NAMES – They will be refunded according to GFM

• Any questions about this message & Follow me on my facebook or email me atBkolfage@gmail.com

•  AFTER DONATING VISIT www.WeFundTheWall.com  to join our groups on social media

Make Payable to : WeFund The Wall

Brian Kolfage
4833 Front St. Unit B-158
Castle Rock, CO 80104
The government has accepted large private donations before, most recently a billionaire donated $7.5 Million  to fund half of the Washington Monument repairs in 2012; this is no different. 

Like a  majority of those American citizens who voted to elect President Donald J Trump, we voted for him to Make America Great Again. President Trump’s main campaign promise was to BUILD THE WALL. And as he’s followed through on just about every promise so far, this wall project needs to be completed still.

As a veteran who has given so much, 3 limbs, I feel deeply invested to this nation to ensure future generations have everything we have today. Too many Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens and too many illegals are taking advantage of  the United States taxpayers with no means of ever contributing to our society.

I have grandparents who immigrated to America legally, they did it the correct way and it’s time we uphold our laws, and get this wall BUILT!It’s up to Americans to help out and pitch in to get this project rolling.

“If the 63 million people who voted for Trump each pledge $80, we can build the wall.” That equates to roughly 5Billion Dollars, even if we get half, that’s half the wall. We can do this. 

Democrats are going to stall this project by every means possible and play political games to ensure President Trump doesn’t get his victor. They’d rather see President Trump fail, than see America succeed.  However, if we can fund a large portion of this wall, it will jumpstart things and will be less money Trump has to secure from our politicians.

This won’t be easy, but it’s our duty as citizens. This needs to be shared every single day by each of you on social media. We can do it, and we can help President Trump make America safe again!


• How do you know this is not a scam? I’m using my real name, my real information, you can contact me and hold me accountable. People who try to scam you will not be upfront with their information, they will hide and not use their name. I have a public figure Facebook page with a blue check  mark issued by facebook that verifies my identity.  I’m a retired United States Air Force member who was wounded in Iraq, and lost 3 limbs. I have a website BrianKolfage.com where you can verify more about me.  I will respond. I’ve been on Fox News many times, you can see I’m credible and a real person. Do your research before donating, and contact me if you have any questions.

• How will we get the funds to the right place? We have contacted the Trump Administration to secure a point of contact where all the funds will go upon completion. When we get this information secured we will update. We have many very high level contacts already helping.

• Republican Representative Representative Warren Davidson has bill on the table right now HR 7207 that if passed with Gov Funding bill we can give the funds towards the wall, and with our contractual guarantee to only be used on the  wall.

• Rep Andy Harris Introduced the Border Wall Bonds Act of 2018, if passed with the Gov Funding bill it will allow us to donate towards the wall.
this Act funds only for the construction of the wall, nothing else. 

• 100% of your donations will go to the Trump Wall. 

• We are working with a law firm on a legal document that will bind the government to using the funds for the border wall itself, nothing else. 

• We will hold all funds and not release a single penny until we have all legal aspects covered to ensure our money goes only to the wall. 

LET’S GET THIS WALL BUILT! And make America Safe Again! 

Brian KolfageJr