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Support Our Candidates for School board

We have 20 candidates who have BRAVELY stepped up to run in 14 different school districts.   Please consider making a donation.  Without putting a 200 word ballot statement into the county voter guide it is difficult to win…candidates must pay between $2800 and $5,000 for that ballot statement!  Plus, they need to raise money for doorhangers, yardsigns, building a website, and more.

Click here to support our candidates who are prepared to accept online credit card donations.  More candidates will be added as they complete their paperwork.

August 12th–Meet Los Gatos Candidates for Town Council

Invitation to Meet Los Gatos Candidates –Hosted by Joanne and Joe Rodgers in Los Gatos

Dear Concerned Friends,

I would like to thank you all for helping us defeat the 1-3 Marijuana Drug dispensaries that the town was considering allowing in town. We Won for now. Thank you.

As we became involved with fighting the cannabis issue, Joe and I realized how important having a mix of capable people on our Town Council really is to the future of keeping the character of our very special town.

We would like you to have an opportunity to meet two candidates that we feel fortunate to have running in November 2022.

Joe and I along with Lisa and Todd Harris are hosting two candidates for our Town of Los Gatos Council race which will take place November 8, 2022.

After becoming acquainted with Rob Stump and Mary Badame, we feel they would have the best interests of our community at heart.

There are difficult decisions ahead for our town with regards to Business Economy, Finances, and Public Safety which includes wildfire, traffic congestion and housing.

We hope you can join us for a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres in our back yard

 August 12  —   5-7 PM  —  Los Gatos, CA. 

RSVP 408-568-1323  to Joanne Rodgers for address.


Stars and Stripes Celebration — August 20th–Purchase Tickets Today

Stars and Stripes Celebration

Purchase Tickets Today!!

Taking Back Our Country—One School District at a Time!

After 16 months of the Brandon Administration, the 4-year reign of King Nuisance and a Marxist controlled Board of Supervisors; we all feel like we have lost our county, state and country. The only way we can actively take our country back is to begin at the very foundation level:  Our Local School Districts.

A majority vote by a school board can cancel the effects of horrible state-mandated curriculum.  School boards are the entry-level non-partisan seats that we can successfully elect conservatives to fill.  100 school board seats are up for election in our county this November and we are actively recruiting good candidates to fill these seats.

Join us at our 14th annual Stars and Stripes Celebration on August 20, 2022, and enjoy fun and fellowship with like-minded conservatives.  You will have an opportunity to meet our school board candidates and support their efforts to get elected in November.

We have managed to keep ticket prices the same as in 2021 and include valet parking in the price.  Purchase tickets today!!

Taking place at the beautiful Saratoga Estate of Suzanna Cody and her husband Ron Hills, the evening begins as you are greeted with a glass of champagne and invited to enjoy appetizers.  As you meet and mingle with the other guests, take a stroll around the lovely surroundings.   Check out our fundraiser items! *.  Dinner will follow.  Wine and non-alcoholic beverages will be served.  Valet parking is included in the price of your ticket.

Top Three Questions

  1. Will I feel out of place if I don’t have a date? No! Many single people attend.
  2. Who should attend?  Conservatives that want to have fun!
  3. What should I wear? Over the years we have suggested “casual elegance”.


SVARW members can purchase tickets for $69 and non-members for $79 until August 18th. At the door price is $95.  New non-members can purchase tickets at the member price by joining SVARW at the time of purchase.  And, as an added bonus, their membership is good until December 31, 2023! Tickets can be purchased by sending in the form included with the newsletter with your check.  To purchase tickets by credit card go to   Sponsor and Trump members attend Stars and Stripes for FREE!

*Dems have Unions and PACs to fund their plans!  In order to compete, we depend on the generosity of our members to donate items.  In the past we have received vacation timeshares/rentals, tickets to sporting events, gift certificates to restaurants or for various services, etc.  Please contact Lisa Marshik at if you wish to donate items.

Date:  Saturday, August 20th

Time:  4:00 to 8:00 PM

Location:  Provided upon purchase of ticket.

Cost:   $69 for Members, $79 for Non-Members for tickets purchased before August 18th.  At the door price is $95.  Non-members can sign up for Membership and pay the Member Price TODAY and their membership is good through December 31, 2023.   Event is FREE to Sponsors!  Sponsors should RSVP to

Sign up here!

Dr. Fox On Covid Prevention Protocols and Ivermectin

At our Oct 27th Meeting Dr. Fox Presented information on Covid Prevention  Protocols and Ivermectin.

If you search for Dr. Richard Fox online you will find:

Dr. Richard Fox, MD is a Pediatrics Specialist in Los Gatos and has over 46 years of experience in the medical field.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1975.  As a pediatric pulmonologists Dr. Fox treats ailments of the lungs and respiratory system in children.

What you will not find is that Dr. Fox is a liberty loving Republican and has written an article on this COVID-19 webpage:

This article has an expanded list of covid-19 preventative ingredients to take daily and other information.

It also has a form to request a prescription for Ivermectin.


Conservatives Needed to Run for School Board — Learn More

We have been aware for years that schools have been teaching children that socialism is good and America is evil.  Now children are being taught that being “white” makes you an oppressor, unless of course you are transgender, and therefore a victim.

The Marxists controlling the teachers’ unions and the special interest groups have played their hand: Push Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Comprehensive Sex Education in California and the government now controls our children.

Is there an answer to save our children?

The Role of School Board Trustees is to Represent the Community and ensure that the district is responsive to the values, beliefs, and priorities of the community. (California School Board Association Code)

On August 11, 2021, a majority vote by the Board of Trustees ended Critical Race Theory from being taught in Paso Robles Unified School District (San Luis Obispo):

Please consider running for School Board!  You can make a difference.

On November 8, 2022, some 100 school board seats will be up for election in Santa Clara County.   Each of the 32 school districts will have 2 to 4 seats up for election.

Requirements to run for school board are simple:  You must be 18 years of age and registered to vote in the school district.  You DO NOT need to have children in school.  You do not need to be a parent.  You do not need a college degree.

Contact Jan Soule at 408-691-2111 to discuss the opportunity of running for school board or visit this page to learn more:


Board and Commission Opportunities in Santa Clara County—Apply Now!

Board and Commission Opportunities in Santa Clara County—Apply Now!

Looking at the challenges inflicted on our lives by “the government”, our first reaction might be “I need to run for office”.  It is a noble desire to want to impact the government, but running for office and getting elected are two different things.  There is a much swifter route to impact your local community and that is to be appointed to a city or county Board or Commission.

Each of the 15 municipalities in Santa Clara County as well as the county government, have opportunities for citizen to serve in both advisory and decision making positions.  Being appointed and serving on a Board or Commission is a great way to understand how the local government works, the issues faced and it looks great on your resume if you do decide to run for office.

Unlike running for an office, vacancies in these positions happen at various times and you need to apply when there are openings.  Qualifications vary by position from just being a resident of the city/town to fulfilling other qualifications.

Go to the Boards and Commissions tab on the website and check out the opportunities in your city and Santa Clara County.  Contact Jan Soule at if you are interested in more information.  Remember…if you don’t have a seat in local government…a liberal will have it!

Boards and Commissions