Campaign Messaging

Click here to listen to Michael Hogan speaking on how to create messaging for your school board campaign.

We appreciate Michael Hogan’s presentation on creating your campaign messaging and his gracious offer to be available to respond to your specific questions.
Michael Hogan’s contact info:
The zoom class covered these topics:
1. Differentiate getting elected from governing
2. Engaging voters in differing media (in person presentations, door to door, phonebank, email, social media, yardsigns)
3. Building your team
4. Your terse message (pick key issues)
5. UNiversal issues are increasing student proficiency, student safety (inddor air pollution, noise intrustion, toxic exposure in classrooms and school grounds), importance of parental involvement
6. Issues that may depend on venue or audience: concern about CRT and early age gender studies
Links shared on Campaign Messaging:

California School Districts received over $15 Billion in covid relief money!!!

How was it spent in your district?   You will need to dig in and find this information.

State and LEA/school district ARP ESSER plans are an important resource for public transparency into the use of ARP ESSER funds. The Department encourages all stakeholders, including parents, families, and educators, to review their State and LEA/school district plans, and to contact State and local education officials to learn more. Links to all ARP ESSER State and LEA/school district plans and approved materials are posted below.

Link to ESSER Fund information

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