Campaign Training Sept. 23rd

Campaign Training for Potential Candidates and Volunteer Helpers

September 23rd – 6:00-9:00 PM

The Silicon Valley Association of Republican Women has partnered with the Independent Institute to provide an introductory campaign training event on Thursday, September 23rd from 6:00-9:00 PM in Campbell.

This class is the perfect first-step in learning how to set up a campaign to run for office.  Both candidates considering running for school board (or other office) or those willing to help a candidate should consider attending this event.  Topics for this training include:

  • Voter contact, including voter and precinct targeting, scripting and messaging, body language, and a little how-to on tech
  • Volunteer recruitment, including an effective approach that breaks people out of disempowering mindsets about asking other people for help.
  • Introductory fundraising material, including rolodexing, anticipated time commitment, mindset and psychology, and building a finance team to support it.

Cost to attend:  $25 which includes training materials and a snack.

Sign up today!  Space is limited.

About the Trainer

Nathan Fatal

Nathan is a Grassroots Program Coordinator for the Leadership Institute and an organizer based in Los Angeles. He has trained over 7,000 activists, leading among other things to pro-free speech policy changes at 52 colleges in California and 24 colleges in Arizona. In 2020 he was a Field Director for a Congressional Campaign and advised two ballot initiatives, netting over 200,000 voter contacts between the three campaigns. He recently founded Critical Mass Group, a consulting firm that specializes in building volunteer-centered field programs.

He has worked on, advised, or trained campaigns from the top to the bottom of the ballot, and in total he has overseen hundreds of volunteers and campaign field staffers in 20 states.