Endorsement Policy

In order for a candidate to be considered for endorsement he/she must meet the following criteria:

  • The candidate must adhere to the conservative principles that SVARW supports as stated in our motto, “SVARW is an independent organization committed to supporting and defending the principles of our Founding Fathers as written in the Constitution of the United States of America”.
  • The candidate would benefit from SVARW’s endorsement.
  • The candidate can provide an outline of their strategy to win the election.

 Benefits of Endorsement

  • SVARW will allow the candidates to use the SVARW name in their campaign literature.
  • SVARW will include the candidate on our voter guide.
  • SVARW will advertise candidate events in the SVARW newsletter,  and e-Alerts.
  • Endorsed candidates will be listed on all SVARW e-Alerts.
  • Endorsed candidates may attend SVARW meetings and events to solicit volunteers and supporters.
  • An SVARW member can serve as an advocate for the candidate to lead fundraising and volunteer efforts.

SVARW is an independent organization that is able to endorse candidates in the primary and general elections.  Our goal is to recommend qualified candidates which may include the endorsement of a non Republican.  SVARW considers for endorsement candidates running for non-partisan seats and on occasion will consider endorsing an exceptional conservative running in a partisan race.  A lack of endorsement does not mean that SVARW members will not vote for the candidate, but rather that the candidate does not meet the criteria for SVARW endorsement.

To be considered for endorsement, candidates running for non-partisan seats must complete the appropriate endorsement application and email the completed form to jansoule@svarw.com  no later than 45 days prior to the electionClick here to go to the Endorsement Applications page. 

We encourage candidates to seek endorsement as soon as they qualify for the ballot.  All applications will be reviewed and qualified candidates may be invited to be interviewed by members of the SVARW Board of Directors.  The Board will vote on the endorsement recommendations at our monthly board meetings.  Candidates will receive letters of endorsement after the vote by the Board.  Endorsements will appear in the SVARW newsletter and website.

If you have any questions or have not received an acknowledgement of your application, please contact jansoule@svarw.com