Get School Parcel Tax Exemption if 65+ or Disabled

Click here to find if your school district offers an exemption from Parcel TAX and how to claim it.

If you do not live in Santa Clara County, check with your county’s Department of Tax and Collections.

A Lesson Learned from 2022 School Board Races
You can take this to the Bank!

We had 16 great candidates who ran for school board seats in November.  They all worked hard learning to raise money (gulp!), campaign and recruit volunteers.  Unbelievably, most of their opponents did practically NOTHING to get elected!

The Santa Clara County Democrat Party and their Teacher Union cohorts fiercely attacked our efforts. Our conservative candidates were accused of “infiltrating school boards” as if running for office was subversive activity.

Lesson Learned

Candidates backed by the Teacher Unions did not have to do much to get elected.   The Teacher Unions did all the heavy lifting and funding of those campaigns. With names like Union District Educators Association and Cambrian District Teachers Association, these unions sound like they care about children.  Most voters are fooled.  The Teacher Unions must control how the SCHOOL BOARD TRUSTEES vote for several reasons:

  • MILLIONS of dollars in contracts are voted on each year by the school boards.  It I imperative that these contracts go to UNION SHOPS.
  • Teacher compensation packages are negotiated and approved by the school boards.  Teacher Unions are electing the school board trustees who will give them what they want!
  • Teacher Unions promote and help pass School Bond Measures.  Bonds can only be used for “building” projects like new roofs, air conditioning, paving, etc.  The more building projects the more contracts that go to UNION shops.

You Can Take this Information to the Bank

To ensure that a bond measure passes, most include a provision exempting homeowners who are disabled or 65+ from paying the assessed parcel tax. YOU MUST BE PROACTIVE AND REQUEST THE EXEMPTION FROM THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

For Santa Clara County homeowners, follow the link below.  It lists the school districts and provides a contact information for requesting the exemption: