Wanted Candidates to Run for School Board Informational Meeting

Wanted Candidates to Run for School Board
Invitation to Informational Meeting

Stop Marxist Indoctrination of Our Children

Ethnic studies, when taught constructively, can build empathy and understanding while combating racism. Unfortunately, much of ethnic studies that are being taught in our schools is based on Critical Ethnic Studies, which pits students against each other by defining them as victims or oppressors based on the color of their skin.

The California Legislature is close to passing AB 101, which would mandate teaching ethnic studies as a graduation requirement.  School districts in Santa Clara County are not wasting anytime in pushing Critical Race Theory throughout all grade levels.  As written, the bill does not include specific content but leaves the option of curriculum to each school district.

Conservative school board trustees can work with parent groups to demand a modified curriculum in their local districts.

Please consider running for school board!

SVARW and SVGOP are hosting an informational meeting so concerned people like you can find out more about running for school board.  We also are encouraging those who would like to help good candidates get elected to school boards to attend as well.

We will cover basic information including:

  • Requirements to run for office.
  • Opportunities open to you for the November 2022 election.
  • Process for getting your name on the ballot.
  • Timeline for running for office.
  • What you should be doing now in preparation to run for office
  • Next steps if you choose to run

Current school board trustees will share their experiences about what the position entails and about their campaigns for school board.

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