June 28th SVARW Meeting–Single Global Currency?

Join Our Breakfast Meeting on June 28th

 We’re Rapidly Being Driven Toward a Single Global Currency

What steps should you take now?

Bitcoin? Digital currency? Central Bank Digital Currency? What’s the difference? What backs the paper money we use today? Is there still gold in Fort Knox? Are we really headed toward nationalized banking? Worse yet, globalized banking? Surely our government would never try to control our behavior by giving themselves control of our purse strings?

Our speaker, Victor Reed, first encountered startling truths about spying technologies used by our government while working for a defense contractor in the ‘80’s. In 1995, less than a decade later, he was launched down the “rabbit hole” by a confluence of disruptive events. Upon sharing the alarming facts he had discovered, he was called a “conspiracy theorist”, a label he wore until he was vindicated shortly after the beginning of the plandemic in 2020. The disturbing nature of his discoveries since 1995 have motivated him to dig deeper and deeper into history and law. Unlike other “conspiracy theorists”, he tests the veracity of his findings by personally putting his knowledge into practice. For example:

  • In 1995 he dug into the origins and nature of the Federal Reserve and Income Tax law, and discovered some shocking facts which he has tested and proven many times since then;
  • In a suit against a large client in 1996, he discovered its international banking ownership, its direct control by the Deep State, and a secret used by the ultra-rich to protect assets and avoid taxation;
  • In 2020 he successfully procured a passport without providing a Social Security Number;
  • Since 2020 he helped individuals and businesses fight “Social Distancing”, masking, and jabbing mandates.

Since the late ‘90’s, Victor Reed has garnered over a dozen legal wins for himself and others without using an attorney. He has been teaching the Constitution, law and biblical principles of resistance to tyranny since 2011 by way of seminars, small group studies, and one-on-one sessions. His mission is to help everyone break free of unconstitutional rules, mandates and Administrative State impositions – most of which are erroneously thought to be inescapable. He is not an attorney and he does not “practice law”. Victor is available for group seminars and professional consulting engagements. You can find him at https://passagetoliberty.com.

DATE/TIME:  Wednesday, June 28.  Check in begins at 8:45 AM

LOCATION:  Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave., San Jose, 95125

COST:  $20 for members, $25 for non-members, FREE for Reagan and Sponsor Members.  Includes breakfast.

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