Help Trump! Keep the Faith

It’s Not Over. Keep The Faith.

We know what’s going on: Team Biden scores a touchdown to “win the game” with no time left. All the Biden fans STORM the field to celebrate. The problem is there’s a flag on the field. There’s a penalty and it’s under review. Team Trump says there is Voter Fraud. And this is where the judges come in. 

If there is no fraud? The touchdown stands and Team Biden wins. If there is Voter Fraud – then invalid votes will be removed and only valid votes will be recounted. THIS IS THE PROCESS. For the Biden fans celebrating now? You do you. But the game is not over until the play gets reviewed in the court system.

So what can we do to help? 

  1. Write to Senators you support asking them to stand by our President.
  2. Write to the Supreme Court demanding Election Integrity.
  3. Volunteer to validate ballots in Southern California, Reno or Las Vegas. Contact Wendy at for project details.
  4. Donate to the Trump Defense Fund:
  5. Pray for strength and send your well wishes. Remember we “hired” this President to root out corruption, and Election Integrity is just one of many areas that require attention.
  6. Commit to get involved in local politics. There are boards and commissions that Republicans can apply for. Here in San Jose, positions are posted here:

We know if the shoe were on the other foot, they would want to double check the validity of this election as well. So let’s stay focused, be patient and keep the faith.