Meet US Senate Candidate Eric Early on Nov 29th

About Eric

Eric Early is a husband, father, attorney, businessman and son of a Marine. Not a career politician.

Eric was raised to believe in America’s founding principles of limited government and free markets.

Eric believes that every American should be given the opportunity to fulfill their American Dream, and his parents inspired Eric to achieve his personal goals.

As the co-owner and Managing Partner of a nationally recognized law firm, Eric understands how difficult it is to start and run a successful business. As your next US Senator, Eric will work to cut overly burdensome regulations that get in the way of entrepreneurship and job creation.

Eric and his wife Emerald – a Registered Nurse who grew up on Navy bases — have four children, three dogs and a cat. They live in Los Angeles.

As our next US Senator, Eric will stand up to the Socialist woke interests that control Washington, DC, fight to preserve and protect our Democracy, and fight for ordinary Californians who are being left behind. Join our campaign today.