Membership Levels for 2023

Membership in SVARW if for a calendar year ending on December 31st.   Men are invited to join SVARW as Associate members.

Basic dues for one year are $40. The cost to attend a meeting is $20 for members which include a plated breakfast.  In addition we have premium membership options that include the basic dues with the cost to attend meetings and other special SVARW events.  Many members find these premium membership options very convenient.

Non-members (guests) are invited to attend SVARW meetings.  The cost is $25 which includes breakfast.

For those wishing to advertise to the 2000 plus conservatives on our email list, the Sponsorship option provides for advertising.


Membership Category
What is included
Regular or Associate Member


Add spouse/supporting Member for $15

Add young adult for $15

$40 Electronic updates on all upcoming meetings and events.  SVARW member newsletter.  Printed roster of all members.  [If you do not want to be listed in the roster you can opt out and not receive the roster.]  Cost to attend regular meetings:  $20.
Reagan Membership Option


Add Reagan Membership for spouse/supporting member for $100

$175 Includes everything in the Regular Membership, plus the $20 cost for meetings is waived.




Sponsor Membership Option


Add Sponsor Membership for spouse/supporting member for $100

$500 Includes everything in the Reagan Membership plus the cost to attend the SVARW Christmas Luncheon,  Stars and Stripes  and Patriot Party events  is waived.  In addition, Sponsors have the opportunity to promote their business to the 2000+members on the SVARW email list, on the SVARW website and through the SVARW Member Newsletter.
Trump Membership Option



$1000 and above. Includes everything in the Sponsor Membership for member and spouse/supporting member plus invitations to special VIP events.

You can choose to OPT OUT of having your name and contact information in the SVARW Membership Roster.  If you OPT OUT, you will not receive a roster.

 Three ways to join:

  1. Click here to pay with your credit card.
  2.  Write a check to SVARW and bring it to our next meeting or send it to our P.0. Box and include:  Your name, address, email address, name of your spouse if applicable, phone number.  Your name will be included in our Membership Roster and you will receive your newsletter electronically unless you tell us otherwise.
  •  SVARW
  •  P.O. Box 3194
  •  Saratoga, CA 95070