Nix-the-Nine–Make Calls Today to Preserve Single Family Zoning

Nix-the-Nine—Make Calls Today

Please take 20 minutes to preserve single family residential zoning – your call will make a difference!

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The Nix-the-Nine Campaign seeks to protect communities by opposing nine harmful housing bills being pushed through the 2020 CA Legislature. The Campaign is a collaboration among elected officials and community leaders who reject top-down, unfunded mandates.

Rationale for the Nix-the-Nine campaign:

  1. Most people are focused on immediate covid-19 issues, including health, work, rent and finances; along with BLM, and the upcoming national election.
  2. SB-50 morphed into 9+ bills; a Wiener/Atkins divide-and-conquer technique intended to be overwhelming.
  3. Most people can barely keep track of 2-3 bills, numbers, names, and impact, much less nine related to housing alone.
  4. These 9 bills inherently, relentlessly destroy single-family neighborhoods, undermine the authority of elected city officials, the sovereignty of community and the welfare of residents; they increase density, reduce parking, dismantle CEQA, etc.
  5. The bills benefit developers and big-time real estate investors with bonuses and relaxed environmental standards.
  6. The campaign message–Nix-the-Nine is memorable and descriptive. The nine bills were selected based on the Embarcadero Center research; and there are actually more beyond the scope of the campaign.
  7. Nix-the-Nine has a multiplier effect.  For every individual bill we oppose, we shape the narrative: Nix the Nine. In that way, the campaign builds awareness of wide-spread opposition that goes far beyond SB-902 or AB725.  We strengthen the message with every email or letter that’s sent.

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