October 27th -SVARW Meeting with Steve Frank In Person

Lessons from The Recall
What Happened? What Did We Learn?

Those of us that had hopes that the recall would bring some relief from the failed policies of the liberal apparatchik running our state are very disappointed in the outcome of the recall election. Wildfires, water restrictions, brownouts, horrible schools, snarled traffic on unacceptable roads, stratospheric taxes will all continue unabated. Not to mention the overbearing oppression we suffer with forced vaccines, masks, and the nanny state.

But are there lessons to be gleaned from the experience? Have we finally caught a clue that we need to be serious about marketing our “brand” and not letting the other side define us with phrases like Republican Recall (this, when CAGOP didn’t lift a proverbial finger to help with the recall) or truly avoiding circular firing squads?

Steve Frank will be at SVARW in October for an in-person appearance! He’s been following California politics for decades, through the good, the bad, and the ugly. He publishes a daily blog, CAPoliticalReview.com, with news on California. Come here what he has to say about the recall and any lessons learned from the experience.

Date:  Wednesday October 27th

Time:  Check in begins at 8:45 AM

Location:  Three Flames Restaurant , 1547 Meridian Ave. San Jose 95125

Cost:  $20 for regular members, $25 for non-members, FREE to premium members (Reagan and Sponsors)

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