Open Santa Clara County

Open the Economy!!

It Starts with Santa Clara County

The Shelter-in-Place order mandated by Governor Newsom to mitigate the spread of the Corona Virus was to ensure that hospitals would not be overwhelmed.  Today our hospitals are practically empty and laying off staff.  MANY more of our citizens are suffering from lack of access to employment than ever were touched by the Corona Virus.  Why are we allowing our elected representatives to continue to clamp down more now?“  This is insane!

The economy of the US is the largest in the world.

California is the largest economy in the US.

Santa Clara County has the highest per capita income of any county in California with a population exceeding one million.

As voters in Santa Clara County and the greater Bay Area, it is up to us to help President Trump get our economy going.  Governor Newsom is threatening to hold our economy hostage until a vaccine is available and thousands of “tracers” (i.e. government snoops) are hired to find everyone who comes in contact with a COVID-19 infected person.  Worse yet, Newsom has expanded his unconstitutional rights to have people forcibly removed from their home to “PROTECT” them from either being infected or infecting others.

The Lockdown Situation is Far Worse in Santa Clara County!

While Newsome is easing up restrictions allowing some retail to allow customers to order and pick up at curbside, Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County Public Health Director, will have none of that!  It is her decision on what happens here.  Shelter-in-place will be enforced until the county has the capacity to investigate all COVID-19 cases, trace all of their contacts, isolate those that test positive and quarantine people who may be exposed.  No timeline.  If businesses and their employees are desperate to get back to work…too bad!

Seems like a lot of power for a non-elected official! 

Our only recourse to get the economy of Santa Clara County moving is to turn to those who oversee Dr. Cody….the five elected members of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.  Just like Newsome who has his sights set on re-election and being president one day, at least four of the Supervisors have aspirations for higher office.  They are concerned what voters like you think!

  It is UP TO YOU to make a difference.  We all need to ENGAGE.  This is a war for the survival of the US Economy.

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