Opt Out of Teacher and Other Government Unions

Want more money in your paycheck? Leave your UNION now!
How To Opt Out of Government Unions

Each two-year election cycle, public sector unions (including Teacher Unions) spend over $600 million on political campaigning and lobbying in CALIFORNIA!  Those funds are essentially taxpayer dollars harvested from the checks of teachers, state, county, city, and other government workers.

For the individual government worker, like a teacher who pays $1200 a year, this means that over a “30 year career” they could easily pay $36,000 in union dues.  That is $36,000 deducted from their pay checks that could be invested for retirement.

For a teacher who believes schools shouldn’t teach children to be sexualized at an early age, this means that the unions are using TAXPAYER DOLLARS deducted from your paycheck and that of other government workers to push legislation and elect left-wing politicians working against the best interests of families and the children you teach.

In 2018, the United State Supreme Court issued its decision in Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 31. This landmark decision clarified and articulated public employees’ constitutional rights to choose not to pay union dues and fees.

For workers who are clinging to the unions to protect them from potential liability, there are alternative organizations who provide that liability insurance at a much lower cost.  Membership in these alternative organizations run from $234 to $400 per year vs $1200 per year in union dues.

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