President Trump’s Covid -19 Cocktail — You Can Take it Too!

Article by Dr. Richard Fox a pulmonary physician.  Dr. Fox is also a local Republican who ran for Congress in the 18th Congressional District.

As you may have seen on the news, the President has COVID-19 and is on several treatments, among other things, zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, and melatonin. Our friends from McD might also be interested to know that all of these (what I call ‘the President’s COVID cocktail) are available over the counter without prescription and have been recommended by some authorities as preventive or prophylactic measures. One example of a currently recommended prophylactic “cocktail” for COVID-19 has been set forth by the Eastern Virginia Medical School at:

It recommends: (1) melatonin, begin at 0.3mg at bedtime increasing to 2mg, (2) vitamin D3 1000-3000 u/day, (3) vitamin C 500mg twice/day, (4) zinc 50-75mg/day, and (5) famotidine 20-40mg/day. For mildly symptomatic patients at home, the Eastern Virginia Medical School protocol continues all the above and adds one baby aspirin/day (as was done with the President) and, optionally, adds treatment with the antibiotic ivermectin 150-200ug/kg of body weight, which is widely used to treat pinworms in children and does require a prescription from a doctor. The vitamin D needs several days to become converted by the liver and kidneys to the active form , so best to get started on it before getting sick.

These preventive treatments could decrease the incidence and severity of COVID-19 and permit early recovery from COVID-19 if one does come down with it.

The President seems to be handling his COVID-19 infection pretty well so far and one of the reasons is that I strongly suspect that he was taking all of these preventive medicines before he came down with it. That is, I don’t think that they waited until he got sick to start these innocuous, over-the-counter, medicines. He got his defenses up and was ready for the COVID-19.

The Democrats have been hitting him pretty hard for months with the argument that he does not know how to handle COVID-19. It would be a very powerful rebuttal to all that If his own plan allows him to just power through his own infection, shrugging it off, and then to get back on the campaign trail while Biden continues to hide in his basement behind his mask, offering the country nothing more than indefinite lock-downs, like we have in California.