Protect Our National Sovereignty

World Health Organization’s Power Grab Denies Individuals of Dignity, Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms, And Overrides Our National Sovereignty

Tell Your Representatives To Vote No!

In late 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) began the process of drafting and negotiating amendments to its International Health Regulations with its 194 member nations.

The WHO’s objective to “improve pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response” appears admirable. But it gives unelected globalist elite bureaucrats the power to dictate to United States citizens about health matters based on a rumored “health emergency” that “may” affect other member nations.

An amendment quietly submitted by President Biden removed the phrase “WHO shall consult with and seek to obtain verification from the State Party whose territory the event is allegedly occurring.”   However, under Article II, section II of the Constitution, the President may negotiate a treaty, but the Senate must approve and consent to it by a two-thirds vote.

Despite that, proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations will be legally binding, requiring only a majority vote by the World Health Assembly, bypassing our legislative representatives and the people of the United States, and undermining our Constitution.

In addition, the amendment removes the requirement that the WHO regulations are implemented “with full respect for the dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of persons.”

Please take action to protect our Constitution.

Use this information to tell your Senator to treat the legally-binding amended International Health Regulations like a treaty and reject them so that We, the People, via our elected representatives, can retain our responsibility to determine how best to protect ourselves during a health emergency.

We should not rush to grant coercive powers of compulsion to unaccountable international elites. Relinquishing our individual and national sovereignty deserves public debate. Please share this email and post it to your social media.