Recall Gavin Newsom

Although the first recall petitions passed last year did not meet the needed 1.5 million signatures, the lockdown of the state and the overreach of Gov. Newsom in wielding unconstitutional authority has set the stage for another attempt.

The second official CA Secretary of State approved Gov. Gavin Newson recall petition is out June 10th.   There are only 160 days to collect 2 million signatures (need 1.5m verified registered voters signatures).  New strategies will be applied this round (paid media, professional signature gatherers, big donor recruitment), but what really needs to happen is a fast grassroots effort in the first 30 days.   Download Petition:  Recall_Newsom_Petition

The key to this form is that up to 5 registered voters can sign on a single page.  They ALL have to be registered in the same county for a given page.  You should complete a separate page for each other county.  Indicate in the very first blank space _____________ which county this is for.  When a registered voter is signing, make sure that they DO NOT write outside the lines for their 2 lines they are completing.  NOT to the left or right or up or down.

Each signer must list their name and address AS THEY ARE REGISTRED TO VOTE.  The Registrar of Voters in each county will compare and validate the signatures.  Make sure that each voter ONLY SIGNS ONCE.

Whoever manages the gathering of signatures should complete the ‘county’ space and everything in the lower “declaration” section.  You (anyone) can sign the declaration section for the page you or others are signing.

Mail Petitions to California Patriot Coalition PO BOX 417030 Sacramento CA 95841