Sample Ballot Statements

Sample Ballot Statements

Election Results for these 2018 Races


You can find samples of previous ballot statements for school board candidates in your school district by:

Go to  and scroll down to LOOK UP YOUR DISTRICT and click .

Put in your street address and click GO.

In the left-hand menu, pick: VIEW VOTER GUIDE and in the drop down menu under your address pick:  NOVEMBER 6, 2018 GUBENITORIAL ELECTION.

Scroll down to choice of languages and pick ENGLISH.  The PDF of the NOV 6, 2018 General Election will display.

Scroll through the PDF until you find the BALLOT STATEMENTS for the School Board election.  These should be the ballot statements for the current incumbents.  If you do not find the Ballot Statements either the candidate did not pay for one or the number of candidates equaled the number of trustee positions up for election and were automatically elected.

Below are direct links to ballot statements but you will need to type in the entire link address:
Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District and Saratoga Union School District.  County Board of Education TA 2. — Pages 10-14.–160-ENG.pdf

Election Results:  Saratoga Union-Miller, Tung and Cao Elected –Miller was Incumbent, Tung had ballot statement, Cao had no ballot statement but listed first on ballot. Hyder listed second on ballot, had no ballot statement and lost.

Union School District — Page 15–3-ENG.pdf

Election Results: Four candidates for 3 spots.  Incumbents  all with ballot statements won. Loser did not have a ballot statement.

Campbell Union High School District — Pages 13 and 14–21-ENG.pdf

Eastside Union High School District and Oak Grove School District — Pages 13 and 14–32-ENG.pdf

Eastside Union High School District and Evergreen School District —Pages 14-16–60-ENG.pdf

Eastside Union High School District and Mt. Pleasant School District —Pages 14-15–80-ENG.pdf