School Library Books

Public Schools DO NOT want Conservatives to see many of the books available to children in the school library and on the TABLETS each child is given!

If schools have NOTHING to hide from parents and the community, then they should be OPEN to allowing the community to explore what is on the shelf available to children and teachers.  Unfortunately, our public schools do not make it easy!

Here are three popular books that are VERY likely in EVERY elementary school library–AND also available to purchase from AMAZON:

Julian is a Mermaid, by Jessica Love.   This book won the Stonewall Book Award (2018) from the American Library Association.  It is about a BOY who wants to be a mermaid (aka, a girl) and is encouraged by his “abuela” (grandmother).  In other words, if it is ok for boys to be girls and this is “blessed” by his Hispanic grandmother then it must be ok for boys to be girls.  Julian is a Mermaid   –Book report from

Who Are You? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity, by Brook Pessin-Whedbee. Written for K-1, this book explains that adults make judgments when a baby is born whether it is a girl or a boy by looking at the body.  But…as the child grows older, they are able to express to adults that they feel they are one of a multitude of other genders.  They are planting in the minds of 5-year olds that they may be a different gender than they were assigned at birth.  Who Are You the kids guide to gender identity  — Book report from

It Feels Good to Be Yourself, A Book About Gender Identity by Theresa Thorn.  Written for 1st and 2nd Grade,  explains how TRANSGENDERS are readily accepted by their families and that some children don’t feel like they are boys or girls so we call them NON_BINARY.   Definitely written to encourage YOUNG children to consider that they may be a different gender.  It feels good to be yourself — Book report from


All of the above books are in the Franklin -McKinley School District Libraries.  Click here to see how books are found online in school library.



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