School Task Force

School Task Force


While our California Legislature is determined to pass AB101 and mandate that a Critical Race Theory based Ethnic Studies Curriculum be taught in our public and charter schools, the law leaves it up to the SCHOOL DISTRICT to determine the curriculum.

In November 2022, 100 school board seats will be up for election in Santa Clara County.  By recruiting and electing conservatives to fill those seats, parents will have allies to help mitigate the effects of this forced mandate.  Read this article:

California Teachers Empowerment Network–Blog by Larry Sand

If you know anyone who is interested in running for school board, contact Jan Soule at

Talking Points for CRT

Example Talking Points

April 26th Fox News Interview with Lia Rensin–Great overall presentation of the problem.

AB 101: Forced Indoctrination – Ethnic Studies

The battle against the indoctrination of our children continues. The California Department of Education unanimously passed the critical race theory based Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC). This model curriculum has been under fire from different groups all across California who recognize the racist, biased, and indoctrination that will come about if it is implemented. Despite the opposition, the California Board of Education passed this controversial and extremely biased model curriculum. Now the California Assembly Committee on Education is going to hear AB 101, a bill that will mandate curriculum like the ESMC to be taught to all high schoolers as a condition of graduation.

Some school districts have already begun teaching biased and racist ethnic studies curriculum created by organizations that groom children to become activists from a very young age. California public schools are forcing students to identify as a victim or as the oppressor. The narrative they want to perpetuate in the public school system is one of victimhood and views everything through the lens of race. The classrooms that were supposed to be neutral and foster the skills of critical thinking have turned into “struggle sessions” where students are trained to examine how they are inherently racist or oppressed. This is how they want your children to think.


Critical Ethnic Studies

Watch January 27th Presentation on Critical Race Theory