Seeking Volunteers: Zip Code Leaders & Door Hangers


Let’s lead Santa Clara County Republicans to victory! From mid-September to – mid-October, we need an army of volunteers able to devote 1-2 hours a day for several days to help with the following:

• Distribute Door Hangers to Republicans: Best done in a two person team where one drives and one hangs literature on the door knob, but can also be done solo. Typically 50 doors covered in two hours. No knocking, no talking. Would appreciate your commitment to do 200-300 doors.

• Coordinate Literature Volunteers: Recruit, coordinate, and track what has been done by Door Hangers in your Zip Code. This would include picking up door hanger materials, batching them into neighborhoods, and handing out to Door Hanger volunteers.

• Phone Bank to Get Out The Vote: Use Campaign Sidekick to call Republican voters and remind them to check their voter status to make sure they have everything they need to vote this November. Guide them to our Voter Guide and encourage them to volunteer.

No time to waste, my friend. We need your help to keep the momentum going and I invite you to commit.


To volunteer, sign up at

First time volunteers are welcome. Any training you gain now will help you promote conservative values well into
the next election cycles. Let’s keep America AMERICA.