Setting Up Campaign Account

Completing a 410

Step 1: Set up a Campaign Checking Account:

  • Make an appointment with your bank. Tell them you need to set up a no frills checking account for your campaign.
  • The checking account is set up in the name of your CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE (i.e., Tom Jones for Union School District 2022).
  • The bank may temporarily set up the account using your social security number but explain that you will return with your FPPC# and that will REPLACE your social security number.
  • Do not have checks printed UNTIL you have your FPPC# which must be printed on your checks.
  • Deposit the funds that you have raised so far (making sure that you have a spreadsheet listing amounts and required donor information: Name, Address, Employer, Occupation (or Retired).

STEP 2:  Complete the Form 410

The following information has been prepared for school board candidates to guide them in completing a FORM 410 to open a FPPC campaign account and receive their FPPC#.  You are required to open a FPPC account within 10 days of raising $2,000.  You can file a FORM 410 any time BEFORE you reach $2,000 especially if you want to set up the ability to raise money online.  To open an online fundraising account with a platform (i.e. Ancedot, EFundraisingConnection) to take POLITICAL contributions, you will need an FPPC#.

NOTE:  This summary is provided to walk you through setting up a FPPC fundraising account.  It does not replace information that should be obtained from the official  site. On the site you have the ability to send questions to the FPPC and get a response in two days.

Everything you need to know about campaign finance and completing required forms can be reached through the CANDIDATE TOOLKIT:

Slides 7 and 8 of this slide show illustrate what you need to complete on the FORM 410

Slide 9—Shows you how to find your FPPC# online after your FORM 410 is processed.