STOP The Destruction of Single Family Homes in Silicon Valley

The Destruction of Single Family Homes in Silicon Valley

Contributed by:  Rowena Turner, Councilmember City of Monte Sereno        

Effective January 2022, in the Bay Area, as in all of California, the recently passed SB9 and SB10 laws allow developers to build multi-story and multi-unit buildings which could be next door to your single family home. This can be done without regard to traffic gridlock, over-crowding of schools, fire and police access in case of emergencies.

For example, single family neighborhoods in a city will be allowed up to six units on any single lot. SB9 would preempt local zoning by allowing from 4 to 8 units on what is now one single family lot and exempt developers from paying for infrastructure improvements. SB 10 would allow cities and counties to both:  approve up to 10 units on single family lots without environmental review and to undo voter-approved protection of open space and urban boundaries.

How would you feel about having the house next to you torn down and, potentially, 8 new units built in its place?  With only 4-foot setbacks and no parking required.  10-unit apartment buildings could be scattered throughout your neighborhood – again with minimal setbacks and parking required.  With only 1 parking per unit, more cars will be parked on your streets.

Many of our Cities are caught in a vise.  How do we prevent this destruction from happening in our cities?  What can we do?

Statewide groups are now forming to prevent this from happening.  To find out more, click here: