Save Our Economy –Sue the BOS

Save the Economy of Santa Clara County—Sue the Board of Supervisors –Posted June 14, 2020

On March 16th, Santa Clara County Public Health Officer, Sara Cody, ordered the first Shelter-in-Place order (SIP) to “slow the spread of the Coronavirus so that our hospitals would not be overrun”.   Today the hospitals are EMPTY and hospital staff is being laid off.   Check out the Santa Clara County Covid19Dashboard.  There are less than 60 people in the hospital being treated for Covid19.

Gov. Newsom has provided reasonable guidelines for counties to reopen substantial parts of their economies. 46 of 58 counties have already done so, including San Diego and Orange counties. Santa Clara County’s Health Officer is unilaterally refusing to go beyond token reopening. As a result, businesses are failing daily and tens of thousands of citizens are suffering immense hardship.  Visit Save Santa Clara County Website.

Patriot Paulette Altmaier started off as a one-man-army to right the injustice of thousands of small businesses in Santa Clara County being devastated by an unnecessary prolonged lockdown.  On May 23rd, she wrote and paid for a full page open letter to Santa Clara County Health Officer, Sara Cody, demanding a justification as to why we were still lockdown.  You can read the letter here.

In response to the full-page letter in the Mercury News, all Paulette got from Dr. Cody’s superiors, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, were excuses.  Our board of five ELECTED supervisors all claimed they could do nothing and Dr. Cody was in charged.   The one bright spot to the first open letter was attracting the attention of a local business founder is funding a lawsuit on behalf of small business owners.

Bravely, Paulette has plunged forward with another open letter.  The target this time is the Santa Clara County the Board of Supervisors rebutting their claims that they are powerless to act. MercuryNews_June11th

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