The Pragmatic Conservative Voter: Matt Mahan for SJ Mayor

The Pragmatic Conservative Voter

We Recommend Matt Mahan for SJ Mayor

Matt Mahan is our preferred candidate for Mayor of San Jose. Matt is a moderate Democrat promoting his “Common Sense” campaign. As Mayor, Matt plans to work on three major focus areas – reducing homelessness, dealing with crime, and cleaning the streets. We wish he was more conservative in voting on issues like forcing gun owners to buy insurance, but he always seems to have pragmatic reasons for how he votes. He seems to be on the lookout for abuse of taxpayer money, like when the county received $76M in Federal COVID relief funds and decided to hand out bonuses amongst themselves instead of using it to help constituents suffering from COVID shutdowns, or when the Water District decided to waste a pile of our cash pushing a ballot measure to give themselves an unprecedented 4th term. Mahan currently leads in fundraising and in grassroots support. And when asked if he wanted to appear as preferred Mayoral candidate on the SVARW Voter Guide, he said yes because he prefers supporters of every stripe, attempting for unity instead of political divisiveness seen so often today.

He’s got several opponents in this race, most notably Dev Davis, Raul Peralez, and the strongest opponent, Cindy Chavez.

In a perfect world, Dev Davis would be our candidate of choice. She visited our organization recently and spoke about her campaign, but we decided our preferred candidate is Mahan. Although she denounced President Trump and ditched the Republican party a few years back, she comes with a fairly strong conservative record, voting against city gun ordinances and non-citizen voting proposals. We only wish she had more money, but don’t expect she’ll make it past the Primary. We are also concerned because in her City Council re-election race in District 6 (Willow Glen, one of the more conservative areas of San Jose), she came within a few percentage points of losing to a neophyte member of the Green Party. Alas, a vote for Dev in the Primary only strengthens Cindy Chavez’ position. Plus, in recent attack messages from her campaign, it appears that she still takes issue with Republicans and Trump supporters.

Raul Peralez is also a contender, but he seems to be trying to out-progressive Cindy. His fundraising isn’t strong, so we don’t find him to be a viable candidate past the Primary.

Lastly, “Lockdown” Chavez (will our kids ever recover? small businesses?) is a progressive Democrat currently on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. As a big proponent of COVID lockdowns, she’s done nothing in her position to release us from the grips of out-of-control unelected bureaucrats. She campaigns on tackling homelessness with a “multifaceted” coalition but has done NOTHING to alleviate the situation in her position as County Supervisor. She’s a favorite of Big Labor, and she’s been instrumental in supporting many progressive labor candidates elected to City Council, as well as progressive candidates in several other offices. Incongruously, she beats the drum constantly about “affordable housing”, yet now she claims not to back SB9, the State’s takeover of single-family zoning. She also claims not to back the San Jose City proposal to allow non-citizen voting. Neither of these positions are what her supporters expected. Some say these new-found positions are to neutralize the issues against her major opponent, Matt Mahan. Chavez is neck and neck with Mahan in fundraising, with most of her money coming from labor supporters (indeed, she recently received a $300K boost from the 49ers Organization to a PAC that supports her), whereas Mahan has robust grassroots support from a variety of small donors. Similar to Davis, the Chavez campaign recently released an attack ad against our recommendation of Mahan which insulted all conservative voters.

Spoiler alert! There’s also a registered Republican in the race named Jim Spence. He has very little money and jumped in at the last-minute, we hear at the behest of Cindy Chavez – now why would she urge on another competitor, especially one that supposedly represents the opposing party? Politics is dirty business.

Our strong recommendation is to vote for Matt Mahan. He comes with fresh ideas, determination, and a growing coalition of citizens supporting him, and he’s the only viable candidate against Progressive Chavez, who would doom this beautiful city if she were elected Mayor.