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2021 Upcoming Events

January 27th — Regular SVARW Monthly Meeting — 8:45 AM

Let’s Fix California!

Shannon Grove, California Senate Minority Leader, To Speak at SVARW

In its quest to be trend-setter for everything, California can claim some of the greatest movements the world has ever enjoyed; think Hollywood movies, the Dot-Com era, or the Beach Boys. But on the flip side, California is responsible for leading the nation into some oppressive and irresponsible trends that we’ve all been living to regret.  Vastly overreaching environmental policies, imposed by unelected bureaucrats, that leave us short on water, electricity, gas, housing, and cash. Jungle primaries and possibly unconstitutional election oversight, leaving us with a single-party supermajority that can and does put anything in to law that strikes their fancy. And we haven’t even mentioned the California education system, immigration “rights”, censorship by Big Tech, the list goes on. But how did we get here? And what can we do to reverse these trends?

Our SVARW theme this year is Let’s Fix California! Each month we’ll hear from an expert on an area that challenges California. We’ll find out how the policies came about and what steps we can take to reverse these trends. For our first 2021 meeting, join us via teleconference on January 27th at 8:45 AM to hear from Shannon Grove, State Senator from Bakersfield and current Republican Minority Leader, who will tell us where she sees the state going and how we can reverse the worst trends happening in California.

Meeting Details:

Wednesday, January 27th at 8:45 AM

Click this link to register for ZOOM meeting.  Zoom link will be sent on Jan 26th.

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