Update–Recall of Newsom– Great News

Recall of Governor Newsom—Great News!

The RECALL of Governor Newsom is now within our grasp!  Large donors have come forward to help fund the campaign.  Go to www.RecallGavin2020.com/OfficialTopFunders to see the list.  Petitions have been mailed to registered Republican voters.   You can download petitions at www.RecallGavin2020.com

SVARW is teaming up with the SVGOP and the Gavin Newsom Recall campaign to get signatures for the petition to recall Governor Newsom.   The SVGOP will provide you with the names and addresses of Republicans in your neighborhood.  The Newsom Recall campaign will provide you with training and kits which include the recall petition, instruction sheet, and donation form.   Join thousands of Californians in this massive grassroots effort by volunteering your time.  We have close to 1 million signatures.  Help us reach the required 1.5 million.  Click here to sign up. (http://svgop.com/volunteer/ and then choose the Petition Canvasser option.

VERY IMPORTANT—Do not sign the petition more than once!!  In validating the signatures, the Registrar of Voters pulls a sample.  If that sample shows that a percentage of signatures are duplicates, for example 10%.  Then the ROV assumes that 10% of all signatures collected are invalid…without even counting.

VERY IMPORTANT—The bottom of the petitions MUST be signed by the person circulating the petition (you).  Make sure you read and sign and include your address.  Where you write the DATE make sure you change the “2020” to “2021”