Urgent-Stop Vaccine Mandate in San Jose for Private Businesses

On August 24th, the San Jose City Council voted unanimously to require proof of vaccination to attend any gathering of 50 or more people in a city-owned facility (i.e., SAP Arena, Convention Center, Center of Performing Arts).

Now the San Jose City Council is coming after PRIVATE businesses!


In Mayor Liccardo’s Memorandum to the City Council dated August 18th, (1) he first proposes to require PROOF of vaccinations to enter city-owned facilities and then to (2) consider requiring PROOF of vaccination for indoor dining, theaters, gyms and other PRIVATELY-OWNED facilities.

If this vaccine mandate passes, it means that SVARW cannot meet at THREE FLAMES.

It a FREE country, the owner of a business has the right to determine who they should allow into their business and who they should exclude.  This is not about whether people should be vaccinated or not.  This is about GOVERNMENT overreach.  OUR GOAL IS TO STOP THIS PLAN FROM BEING VOTED ON BY THE SAN JOSE CITY COUNCIL.

Download and Distribute Flyer to Restaurants in San Jose:

Flyer in English                 Flyer in Spanish

Vietnamese Flyer

Tell the owners of the restaurant to contact their city council member and tell them to stay out of their business.

Don’t live in San Jose?  If this vaccine mandate passes in San Jose, it is only a matter of a short time when it will be adopted by other municipalities.