Videos of SVARW Meetings

SVARW Rumble Channel

Trevor Loudon — October 26th

How the Communist Chinese Party Threatens America–June Gillium

The True Science of Climate Change–June 29th–Dr. C. Michael Hogan

Social Emotional Learning–June 23rd — Lisa Logan

Social Media Strategy –Part II –June 16th–Nathan Malamace

Using Social Media in Your Campaign Part I– May 26th–Chris Hage

Erin Friday–May 21, 2022  SVARW Meeting –What is Really being Taught In Schools Today

Lynley Kerr Hogan–Shares at SVARW May 21st Meeting

Learn to Create Messaging for Your School Board Campaign– Michael Hogan-May 12, 2022 (audio only)

Learn to Build a Website without Coding– Greg Holsen-May4, 2022

Lt Scott Bennet–April 27, 2022–SVARW Meeting:  Ukraine–Who Wears the White Hat

Chris Arend–The CRT Scam–Dumping CRT in Schools–March 31, 2022–SVARW Special Online Presentation.

Lanhee Chen–Bringing Accountability Back to Sacramento–March23, 2022, SVARW Meeting

Brad Dacus–February 23, 2022, SVARW Meeting

Dr. Richard Fox–January 26, 2022, SVARW Meeting

Jane Kearney–January 26, 2022, SVARW Meeting

Elmer Yeun — November 17, 2021, SVARW Meeting

Steve Frank–October 27, 2021, SVARW Meeting

Dr. Fox –October 27, 2021 SVARW Meeting

SVARW Promotional Video–October 2021

CRT In Public Schools – Part II –Oct. 21, 2021–For School Board Trustees and Candidates for School Board

CRT in Public Schools   PART I– For Parents, Community, and Anyone Running for School Board

Larry Sand–SVARrdW Meeting–September 22, 2021–Education/CRT

Senator Rand Paul — Breakfast Fund Raiser — July 9, 2021

School Board Candidate Informational Meeting–June 26, 2021

Steve Frank–June 4, 2021–Friday Forum

Gina Gleason–May 26, 2021–SVARW Meeting — Bad Legislation and Critical Race Theory

Steve Frank–May 7, 2021–Friday Forum 

Senator Brian Jones– April 28, 2021–SVARW Meeting

Josh Philipp–April 15, 2021 — SVARW Meeting

Steve Frank — April 11, 2021

Pastor Mike McClure–What is happening with our First Amendment Guarantee of Freedom of Religion –March 24, 2021

Jess Guy –Firearm Rights and Your Responsibilities — March 12, 2021

Steve Frank–March 5, 2021

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley –Recall Newsom — Feb 24th SVARW Meeting

Steve Frank–February 5, 2021

Senator Shannon Grove–January 27, 2021 — SVARW Meeting

Election Laws Planned for 2021–January 27, 2021 — SVARW Meeting

Housing Laws Planned for 2021–January 27, 2021 — SVARW Meeting

Critical Race Theory Coming to a School Near You –January 27, 2021 SVARW Meeting

Update Tandon vs. Newsom Lawsuit –January 27, 2021 SVARW Meeting

Update on Covid 19 — January 27, 2021 SVARW Meeting

Steve Frank–January 8, 2021

Steve Frank –December 4, 2020

Gun Safety Class — Jess Guy December 9, 2020

Graham Ledger –November 11, 2020 –SVARW Meeting

Mark Meuser–October 28, 2020–SVARW Meeting

SVARW You Tube Channel:
June 5th–Steve Franks Newsom’s Power Grab


May 15th –Friday Focus –Trump Administration –An Insider Briefing


February 8, 2020–Steve Frank –Newsom and the Coronavirus

April 24, 2020 –Corona Virus and the Chinese Communist Party

September 20, 2017–Lila Rose, Founder of, exposing the lies of Planned Parenthood

January 25, 2017 — Terry Turchie “Silicon Valley Links to Terrorism”

June 29, 2016–Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose speaks about the violence at the June Trump Rally in San Jose.

May 2016 —SVARW Meeting–David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh Israel and the 1,000th victim of terrorism in Israel.