Voter Guide — Nov 2022

SVARW Voter Guide for Nov 2022–Click link below

SVARW 2022GEN Voter Guide_10_2_22

Voter Guide for Judges

The SVARW voter guide is created to assist the conservative voter in selecting candidates and positions on ballot propositions. SVARW doesn’t offer endorsements unless requested, nor do we ask permission to make our recommendations.

As you know, our county has a wide variety of political stances on issues. Our recommendations navigate toward candidates that most closely adhere to values held by conservatives; protection of the unprotected, limited government, fiscal responsibility, always a hand-up and never a hand-out. To that end, a YES on our voter guide may indicate that we’ve found a perfect candidate or it could indicate this is your best choice between the lesser-of-two-evils.

This voter guide is intended for our audience. We don’t ask permission and we don’t offer retractions.