SVARW Patriot Party/Fundraiser–Nov. 14th

Sign up!  SVARW Patriot Party/Fundraiser

Sunday, Nov 14th –2:00 to 5:00 PM–Saratoga

We are done with lockdowns!  SVARW’s popular “Patriot Parties” are back!  Patriot Parties provide our members with casual opportunities to meet and mingle with like-minded conservatives and candidates.

Join us on Sunday, November 14th for a fun afternoon (2:00-5:00 pm) with appetizers, wine and lively conversation in Saratoga.

 Meet Mark Meuser!

Mark Meuser

The Republican Party is posed to pick up Congressional seats in the 2022 mid-term elections.  Candidates for US Senate and Congress have already begun their campaigns.   SVARW has invited Mark Meuser who is running for US Senate as our special guest.  Mark will be opposing Alex Padilla who was appointed to the US Senate seat held by Kamala Harris.

As a constitutional and election law attorney, Mark Meuser has fought for your Constitutional rights in the courthouse. Now, Mark is campaigning to protect the rights of all Californians in the U.S. Capitol.

Born and raised in California, Mark has a great appreciation for all that the Golden State offers. But he is tired of seeing the Democratic establishment put themselves before hard working Californians – at the expense of our freedoms and liberties.

It’s no secret that our rights are constantly being threatened in both Sacramento and Washington D.C. Mark has been involved in 22 lawsuits against Governor Newsom for his reckless use of power in response to COVID-19. He has repeatedly represented the people of California against Gavin Newsom’s friends attempting to derail the recall election, and wants to stand up for all Californians in Washington DC.

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This event is FREE to SVARW Members.  Non-Members:  $25.

Non-members can sign up today and become members of SVARW and attend for Free.  Membership, which is good through the end of 2022, starts at $40 per person or $55 for a couple.  View membership options here.

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If you cannot attend but do want to support Mark Meuser’s campaign for US Senate, you can make a donation on this link:


Meet Dr. Fox at SVARW Oct 27th Meeting

Dr. Richard Fox will present a 10 minute overview of covid-19 prevention protocols at our Oct. 27th meeting.

If you search for Dr. Richard Fox online you will find:

Dr. Richard Fox, MD is a Pediatrics Specialist in Los Gatos and has over 46 years of experience in the medical field.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1975.  As a pediatric pulmonologists Dr. Fox treats ailments of the lungs and respiratory system in children.

What you will not find is that Dr. Fox is a liberty loving Republican and has written an article on this COVID-19 webpage:

This article has an expanded list of covid-19 preventative ingredients to take daily and other information.

It also has a form to request a prescription for Ivermectin.


October 21st — Learn About CRT in Schools

 Learn More about Critical Race Theory in our Schools

Presented Via Zoom–No Charge
Highly Recommended for Potential School Board Candidates and Volunteers
Open to All Concerned Community Members
Taught by Elina Kaplan, who offers a unique perspective having started her education in the former Soviet Union and gained first-hand experience in Marxist training.

Oct 21, 7PM Advanced Critical Race Theory for Trustees and Candidates

  • How activists are trying to get the CRT-based curricula into classrooms
  • How amendments to AB-101 give us tools to counteract the above
  • More detail on distinguishing Critical- versus Constructive- Race Theory-based curricula
  • Examples of possible Education Codes being violated
  • What trustees can do to push back on this movement

Click here to sign up for October 21st

Elina Kaplan is President & Cofounder of the Alliance for Constructive Ethnic Studies (ACES), a non-partisan grassroots coalition working to remove political agendas from K-12 Ethnic Studies enabling curricula that inspire respect, fight racism, and foster balanced analysis.
Elina has managed various nonprofit organizations for over a decade, leading efforts in housing, social services, and cultural programs for various low income and community outreach services.
Prior to the nonprofit world, Elina worked in high-tech, notably leading the team at Oracle that created the first graphical user interface to a database.
Elina holds an MBA from Stanford University and B.S. degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Duke University.

October 27th -SVARW Meeting with Steve Frank In Person

Lessons from The Recall
What Happened? What Did We Learn?

Those of us that had hopes that the recall would bring some relief from the failed policies of the liberal apparatchik running our state are very disappointed in the outcome of the recall election. Wildfires, water restrictions, brownouts, horrible schools, snarled traffic on unacceptable roads, stratospheric taxes will all continue unabated. Not to mention the overbearing oppression we suffer with forced vaccines, masks, and the nanny state.

But are there lessons to be gleaned from the experience? Have we finally caught a clue that we need to be serious about marketing our “brand” and not letting the other side define us with phrases like Republican Recall (this, when CAGOP didn’t lift a proverbial finger to help with the recall) or truly avoiding circular firing squads?

Steve Frank will be at SVARW in October for an in-person appearance! He’s been following California politics for decades, through the good, the bad, and the ugly. He publishes a daily blog,, with news on California. Come here what he has to say about the recall and any lessons learned from the experience.

Date:  Wednesday October 27th

Time:  Check in begins at 8:45 AM

Location:  Three Flames Restaurant , 1547 Meridian Ave. San Jose 95125

Cost:  $20 for regular members, $25 for non-members, FREE to premium members (Reagan and Sponsors)

Click here to sign up.

Urgent-Stop Vaccine Mandate in San Jose for Private Businesses

On August 24th, the San Jose City Council voted unanimously to require proof of vaccination to attend any gathering of 50 or more people in a city-owned facility (i.e., SAP Arena, Convention Center, Center of Performing Arts).

Now the San Jose City Council is coming after PRIVATE businesses!


In Mayor Liccardo’s Memorandum to the City Council dated August 18th, (1) he first proposes to require PROOF of vaccinations to enter city-owned facilities and then to (2) consider requiring PROOF of vaccination for indoor dining, theaters, gyms and other PRIVATELY-OWNED facilities.

If this vaccine mandate passes, it means that SVARW cannot meet at THREE FLAMES.

It a FREE country, the owner of a business has the right to determine who they should allow into their business and who they should exclude.  This is not about whether people should be vaccinated or not.  This is about GOVERNMENT overreach.  OUR GOAL IS TO STOP THIS PLAN FROM BEING VOTED ON BY THE SAN JOSE CITY COUNCIL.

Download and Distribute Flyer to Restaurants in San Jose:

Flyer in English                 Flyer in Spanish

Vietnamese Flyer

Tell the owners of the restaurant to contact their city council member and tell them to stay out of their business.

Don’t live in San Jose?  If this vaccine mandate passes in San Jose, it is only a matter of a short time when it will be adopted by other municipalities.

Wanted Candidates to Run for School Board Informational Meeting

Wanted Candidates to Run for School Board
Invitation to Informational Meeting

Stop Marxist Indoctrination of Our Children

Ethnic studies, when taught constructively, can build empathy and understanding while combating racism. Unfortunately, much of ethnic studies that are being taught in our schools is based on Critical Ethnic Studies, which pits students against each other by defining them as victims or oppressors based on the color of their skin.

The California Legislature is close to passing AB 101, which would mandate teaching ethnic studies as a graduation requirement.  School districts in Santa Clara County are not wasting anytime in pushing Critical Race Theory throughout all grade levels.  As written, the bill does not include specific content but leaves the option of curriculum to each school district.

Conservative school board trustees can work with parent groups to demand a modified curriculum in their local districts.

Please consider running for school board!

SVARW and SVGOP are hosting an informational meeting so concerned people like you can find out more about running for school board.  We also are encouraging those who would like to help good candidates get elected to school boards to attend as well.

We will cover basic information including:

  • Requirements to run for office.
  • Opportunities open to you for the November 2022 election.
  • Process for getting your name on the ballot.
  • Timeline for running for office.
  • What you should be doing now in preparation to run for office
  • Next steps if you choose to run

Current school board trustees will share their experiences about what the position entails and about their campaigns for school board.

Click here for invitation to our next informational meeting.


Board and Commission Opportunities in Santa Clara County—Apply Now!

Board and Commission Opportunities in Santa Clara County—Apply Now!

Looking at the challenges inflicted on our lives by “the government”, our first reaction might be “I need to run for office”.  It is a noble desire to want to impact the government, but running for office and getting elected are two different things.  There is a much swifter route to impact your local community and that is to be appointed to a city or county Board or Commission.

Each of the 15 municipalities in Santa Clara County as well as the county government, have opportunities for citizen to serve in both advisory and decision making positions.  Being appointed and serving on a Board or Commission is a great way to understand how the local government works, the issues faced and it looks great on your resume if you do decide to run for office.

Unlike running for an office, vacancies in these positions happen at various times and you need to apply when there are openings.  Qualifications vary by position from just being a resident of the city/town to fulfilling other qualifications.

Go to the Boards and Commissions tab on the website and check out the opportunities in your city and Santa Clara County.  Contact Jan Soule at if you are interested in more information.  Remember…if you don’t have a seat in local government…a liberal will have it!

Boards and Commissions