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Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove

Let’s Fix California!

Shannon Grove, California Senate Minority Leader, To Speak at SVARW

In its quest to be trend-setter for everything, California can claim some of the greatest movements the world has ever enjoyed; think Hollywood movies, the Dot-Com era, or the Beach Boys. But on the flip side, California is responsible for leading the nation into some oppressive and irresponsible trends that we’ve all been living to regret.  Vastly overreaching environmental policies, imposed by unelected bureaucrats, that leave us short on water, electricity, gas, housing, and cash. Jungle primaries and possibly unconstitutional election oversight, leaving us with a single-party supermajority that can and does put anything in to law that strikes their fancy. And we haven’t even mentioned the California education system, immigration “rights”, censorship by Big Tech, the list goes on. But how did we get here? And what can we do to reverse these trends?

Our SVARW theme this year is Let’s Fix California! Each month we’ll hear from an expert on an area that challenges California. We’ll find out how the policies came about and what steps we can take to reverse these trends. For our first 2021 meeting, join us via teleconference on January 27th at 8:45 AM to hear from Shannon Grove, State Senator from Bakersfield and current Republican Minority Leader, who will tell us where she sees the state going and how we can reverse the worst trends happening in California.

Meeting Details:

Wednesday, January 27th at 8:45 AM

Click this link to register for ZOOM meeting.  Zoom link will be sent on Jan 26th.

ACTION ALERT – Stop CRT in Schools–Sign Letter

ACTION ALERT – Stop CRT in Schools

Keep Critical Race Theory out of California classrooms!

National news continue to consume our attention, but there is a local issue we need your help with. Critical Race Theory is about to be unleashed in California classrooms, unless you help us stop it. As you may know, Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the destructive school of thought that rejects the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and pits students against one another based on skin color and political ideology.

Currently, the California Department of Education has released the third draft of the K-12 Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) for public comment. Sadly, it is rife with CRT. That’s why your voice is needed to keep CRT and the related Critical Ethnic Studies (CES) out of California classrooms!

Please click on this action alert to email your opposition to CRT before the January 21 public comments deadline.

SVGOP staff consulted with several grassroots organizations on the content and approach proposed in the latest drafts of the ESMC. These organizations include:

They all conclude that the current ESMC still contains polarizing CRT content that has no place in our children’s education. Worse, its foundation still promotes CRT, indoctrinating a narrow political ideology that glorifies violence, elevates separatist resistance, and divides students into victims and oppressors.

As an example, one tenet of Critical Ethnic Studies (CES) is that white-skinned people are always defined as oppressors and therefore cannot be part of the solution to racism and discrimination. One of the key authors cited in the curriculum is Paulo Freire, whose “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” is a seminal CES work. He writes in that book, “The oppressors, who oppress, exploit, and rape by virtue of their power, cannot find in this power the strength to liberate either the oppressed or themselves. Only power that springs from the weakness of the oppressed will be sufficiently strong to free both.” After reading that, you can see why CRT is considered a mind virus.

A consequence of the CES framing is that, rather than addressing racism constructively, an ideological litmus test is applied, resulting in one-dimensional misrepresentations of ethnic groups and their role models. Seminal leaders and peaceful agents of change, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Lewis, are not even mentioned in the list of “154 Important Historical Figures Among People of Color” included in the current proposed curriculum. Rather, Draft 3 provides a list that includes countless violent and/or neo-Marxist revolutionaries.

Dr. Clarence B. Jones, speechwriter and adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and founding Director of the Institute for Nonviolence and Social Justice at the University of San Francisco, even shared his thoughts of “great concern for the perversion of history that is being perpetrated by the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC).”

At this point, after two major rounds of revisions, with input by a wide variety of educators for changes to the ESMC, we do not believe the current ESMC can be amended to remove its offensive content, such as its requirement to “critique empire-building in history and its relationship to white supremacy, racism and other forms of power and oppression.” Such CRT ideology and post-colonial theory is unfortunately baked into the ESMC approach and will continue to pit students against one another based on skin color and political ideology.

Therefore, SVGOP encourages you to join this action alert, started by ACES, to replace the ESMC.

Stop Critical Race Theory

Our primary objective is to stop ESMC Draft 3 from being passed. ACES believes we need an alternative model for review, and suggests having the Los Angeles USD’s multicultural programs curriculum as a possible, positive alternative.

Please adjust your Action Alert Email Message to your comfort level before sending. And if you have questions for organizers, please email

Again, let’s speak up to keep the divisive and dangerous ESMC Draft 3 framework out of our children’s classrooms. Submit an email to CA officials via this action alert

Update–Recall of Newsom– Great News

Recall of Governor Newsom—Great News!

The RECALL of Governor Newsom is now within our grasp!  Large donors have come forward to help fund the campaign.  Go to to see the list.  Petitions have been mailed to registered Republican voters.   You can download petitions at

SVARW is teaming up with the SVGOP and the Gavin Newsom Recall campaign to get signatures for the petition to recall Governor Newsom.   The SVGOP will provide you with the names and addresses of Republicans in your neighborhood.  The Newsom Recall campaign will provide you with training and kits which include the recall petition, instruction sheet, and donation form.   Join thousands of Californians in this massive grassroots effort by volunteering your time.  We have close to 1 million signatures.  Help us reach the required 1.5 million.  Click here to sign up. ( and then choose the Petition Canvasser option.

VERY IMPORTANT—Do not sign the petition more than once!!  In validating the signatures, the Registrar of Voters pulls a sample.  If that sample shows that a percentage of signatures are duplicates, for example 10%.  Then the ROV assumes that 10% of all signatures collected are invalid…without even counting.

VERY IMPORTANT—The bottom of the petitions MUST be signed by the person circulating the petition (you).  Make sure you read and sign and include your address.  Where you write the DATE make sure you change the “2020” to “2021”

Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court to End California’s Corrupt Election Process

Click here to donate to support EIP-CA efforts in this lawsuit

Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court to End California’s Corrupt Election Process
Plaintiffs Include Election Integrity Project®California
and Ten California Congressional Candidates  

Los Angeles County, California, January 5, 2021 – On Monday, January 4, 2021, Primary Law Group, P.C., and co-counsel, Tyler & Bursch, LLP, filed a lawsuit  in the U. S. District Court, Central District of California on behalf of Election Integrity Project®California and ten  California Congressional candidates, James P. Bradley, Aja Smith, Eric Early, Alison Hayden, Jeffrey Gorman, Mark Reed, Buzz Patterson, Mike Cargile, Kevin Cookingham, and Greg Raths.
Defendants named in the lawsuit for having violated the Elections Clause, the Equal Protection Clause, the Due Process Clause and the Guarantee Clause of the U.S. Constitution are: Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State, Xavier Becerra, California Attorney General, Gavin Newsom, Governor of The State Of California, and 13 county Registrar of Voters.
The Constitution of the United States guarantees the right of every eligible citizen to cast an equal vote to determine who will represent him or her in government through the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment and, in the case of Federal congressional elections, through the Elections Clause (Art. I, § 4, cl. 1).
Practices that promote the casting of illegal or unreliable ballots fail to contain basic minimum guarantees against such conduct are a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment by leading to the diminution in value of validly cast ballots.
Election Integrity Project®California, Inc. (EPICa), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, has been investigating elections in California for 10 years, documenting and reporting election abuses to governmental officials. Rather than correct the fundamental flaws in the election process, California state officials have created more opportunities for fraud and manipulation.
Predictably, the conduct of the 2020 election eviscerated citizen oversight, caused mass irregularities and opportunities for fraud, and violated the rights of lawful voters, citizen observers, and candidates.
The expansion of vote-by-mail ballots and the changes in the law to send vote-by-mail ballots to all registered voters created a process where known ineligible voters (including deceased persons, non-citizens, and non-residents) were sent live ballots. As passed elections have shown, deceased persons, non-citizens, and non-residents are often recorded as having voted in elections. That same election fraud occurred in the November 2020 election impacting the Plaintiffs and all of the citizens in each of the Congressional Districts at issue, including Election Integrity Project®California’s volunteer election observers.
Upcoming elections scheduled to take place as early as March 2021 will be similarly affected. Defendant Padilla’s emergency regulations will still be in effect, and it is likely that unconstitutional emergency orders and restrictions will be extended beyond their current sunset dates.
Linda Paine, President of EIPCa stated, “We have been investigating serious problems with California’s election process for 10 years. With over 700 affidavits signed under the penalty of perjury evidencing election code violations, obstruction of our volunteer observers, failure to verify vote-by-mail signatures, irregularities and fraud in the November 3, 2020 election, we have no choice but to bring this federal lawsuit in order an attempt to restore integrity to the election process.”
Joshua Kroot, Partner at Primary Law Group, stated: “The lack of integrity in our elections strikes at the heart of our republic. The failure to correct this problem immediately will do irreparable injury to our nation and devastate the credibility of all elections into the distant future.”
Over the past three decades in California, the rights of California citizens to choose their representatives by means of a fair, honest and transparent electoral process have been intentionally eroded by an onslaught of unconstitutional statutes, regulations and executive orders that, taken together, are designed to create an environment in which elections could be manipulated and eligible voters disenfranchised.
Robert Tyler, Partner at Tyler & Bursch, LLP and President of Advocates for Faith & Freedom, said, “COVID-19 has ushered in an unprecedented era of tyranny in state government, and fraud in our elections. Any unbiased observer can recognize that we have a serious problem in California when at least one million more persons are registered to vote than the total number of Californian’s who are actually eligible to vote.”
These changes have massively expanded vote-by-mail, legalized unrestrained and unrestricted ballot harvesting, exploited vulnerable populations, and undermined protections on in-person voting.  Cumulatively, these changes in the law, and other administrative neglect, have allowed voter rolls to encompass large numbers of deceased persons, non-citizens, non-residents, and other ineligible voters who, nonetheless, receive vote-by-mail ballots that state elections data show have often voted in elections.
Emergency action is needed. Due to the imminent possibility of evidence tampering, evidence must be preserved and made available to Plaintiffs’ qualified experts, so that an audit can be conducted to determine the extent and effect of the irregularities and fraud reported.
Primary Law Group attorney, Joshua Kroot, Tyler & Bursch attorney, Robert Tyler, and Election Integrity Project®California, Inc., Linda Paine are available for additional comments and interviews only by contacting Desaré Ferraro at, office 951-304-7583 or cell 714-348-0808.
About Primary Law Group, P.C.:  Located in Los Angeles, Primary Law Group has represented many of the world’s largest companies in some of the biggest cases, deals and restructurings in the country. The lawyers at Primary Law Group, P.C. ( have practiced at the world’s largest law firms.  

 About Tyler & Bursch, LLP:  With offices in Murrieta and Anaheim, the lawyers and advisors at Tyler & Bursch have been serving their clients throughout Southern California for over 20 years. Tyler & Bursch, LLP ( provides legal and financial support to the non-profit law firm, Advocates for Faith & Freedom (  Advocates for Faith and Freedom is a national, pro bono law firm that works to protect constitutional and religious liberty in the courts. 
 About Election Integrity Project®California, Inc.:  Election Integrity Project California, Inc. (EIPCa) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit public benefit corporation, tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3), who that works to ensure every lawfully cast vote is accurately counted. For 10 years, EIPCa has trained over 13,000 nonpartisan volunteer observers, while fielding only 5 complaints from election officials. EIPCa has researched and documented CA county and state voter rolls. As a nonpartisan organization, EIPCa does not participate in any political campaign, nor does it endorse any candidate for public office. For more information, visit
 #  #  #


Firearms Safety Certificate Class

Study Guide for Firearms Safety Certificate

Firearm Safety Certificate-FAQs

If you still have questions for Jess Guy send them to

Are you curious about what it takes to become a legal firearm owner? 

Since our members are asking about the process . . . on December 9th at 10 a.m., SVARW will present a live one-hour online Firearm Safety Certificate class taught by Jess Guy.  Jess is an expert, serving 30-years as an ATF Agent and instructor at SJ State.  Jess will guide you through the step-by-step process explaining what you need to know to pass the test for the firearm Safety Certificate, a prerequisite for purchasing a firearm in CA.

Jess’s class will give you an overview of types of pistols, ammunition, how and where to take the Firearm Safety Certificate test, what is on the test, how to study, links to on-line practice tests, and Bay Area options for shooting practice.  Join us and empower yourself with the information needed to exercise your Second Amendment Rights in California. There is no time like the present.

Jess and his wife, Valerie are members of SVARW.  We are thankful for Jess’s continued generosity of time and talent to bring his knowledge and understanding to our members.  SVARW is presenting this one-hour online class free of charge.  Sign up today to receive zoom link.

 Date and Time:  Wednesday Dec. 9th —  10:00 AM to 11:00 AM — Online Zoom Class

Click here to sign up and receive zoom link.

Fighting CA’s authoritarian health orders: Federal lawsuit Tandon v Newsom

Paulette Altmaier and her husband have paid to file a suit against Gavin Newsom on behalf of plaintiffs who have lost constitutional rights due to Newsom’s handling of the lockdown.

If you would like to help support this lawsuit, please consider a donation to Liberty Center specifically for this lawsuit:

Fighting CA’s authoritarian health orders: Federal lawsuit Tandon v Newsom

  1. Key Points:
  • This lawsuit is intended to help all of CA, and emphasizes the loss of individual rights and the right to earn a living. The plaintiffs were selected to be representative of these losses.
  • The lawsuit takes a broad approach, making the case for a return to normal Constitutional order in CA
  • It draws a parallel with the Supreme Court’s total deference to the military’s emergency authority in the Japanese Internment court case. That decision (Korematsu) has been repudiated by the Supreme court since, and lives in infamy in the court of history.
  • The lawsuit asks the Courts not to make the same mistake by providing excessive deference to CA’s excessive and authoritarian approach, 7 long months into the covid pandemic
  • The Expert Declarations emphasize that in all past pandemics, hospitalizations and deaths were used as the criteria when determining public health actions, not positive test results, and that CA has never had more than 10% of its hospital beds filled with covid patients.
  • The filing is now complete. The key filing documents – the Complaint (read this first), the Main Brief, and two Expert Declarations – can be read by going to the public google directory whose URL is provided here.
  • We were very fortunate in being able to recruit two top-tier experts for the Expert Declarations –


  • Dr Jay Bhattacharya is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford, and is one of the 3 principals behind The Great Barrington Declaration   together with Harvard’s Dr Martin Kulldorf and Oxford’s Dr Sunetra Gupta. He makes the case for how unscientific CA’s approach is.


  • Dr Rajiv Bhatia is a practicing physician affiliated with Stanford University, and a former public health officer. He makes the case for how CA’s approach violates international accords and norms on Public Health principles and ethics.


  1. Please support this public-interest case with a tax-deductible donation


Since this is a public-interest lawsuit, the non-profit 501c(3) Center for American Liberty is supporting it and has created a donation page where people can contribute to support this SPECIFIC lawsuit, and your donation is tax-deductible.


The Center does not have the resources to actually fund the lawsuit out of existing funds, so my husband and I have guaranteed payment for whatever balance is outstanding after the community has contributed.


The cost for the lawsuit at the District court level is more than $115K, so your support is greatly appreciated.


Here is the link to the page specifically for this lawsuit: Tandon vs Newsom (named after the first-listed plaintiff).


Please note that at the bottom of the page is another link to donate to the Liberty Center overall. Donations made at that link will NOT help defray the cost of this specific lawsuit, so please be careful which link you click on.


  1. Initial win just prior to filing

One of the First Amendment issues in our filings was that one of our plaintiffs, Ritesh Tandon, who is a candidate for US Congress, has not been able to hold meetings and fundraisers in person as normally done when running for political office. The Main Brief originally included a request for an immediate Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to permit this essential First Amendment activity.

Just before our lawyers filed the Main Brief, Newsom’s DoJ got back to them and said they were going to update the State’s rules to state explicitly that all outdoor political gatherings (which we are free to call “rallies”) would now share the same exemption as protests currently have. So this is an initial win even before we enter legal proceedings.

This does not change our list of plaintiffs. The only change is that we are no longer seeking a TRO.

CA has updated its website to reflect the change. You can see the new exemption at this link, under the subheading ‘Can I go to Political Rallies and Protest Gatherings?’