New Conservative Grassroots Organization Forming

A new chapter of the California Republican Assembly is forming in Santa Clara County.  This is a grassroots organization that Ronald Reagan called the “conscience of the Republican Party”.

The first meeting for “Silicon Valley Republican Assembly” is Tuesday, February 21st, at 7:00 PM.  The location is the Silicon Valley Business Center, 1900 Camden Ave. San Jose 95124.

This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded conservatives.  Here is an overview of what CRA is all about:    About Us – Our Mission – Beliefs

You do not have to be a member to attend this first meeting but if you want to join and become a member you must be a registered Republican.  Dues are $25 for the year.  You can use this link to join:  Join the Silicon Valley Republican Assembly (

Join the Silicon Valley Republican Assembly (


SVARW February 22nd Meeting

Is there an Environmental Mafia in California?
Why We Never Have Enough Water, Gas, Electricity, Housing, Roads…

 After having been blessed with around 300% of our normal rainfall this winter, there’s no doubt that as soon as the pavement dries, our chiefs will claim we’re still under drought conditions.

Our legislature just last year robbed Californians of their right to decide zoning and where housing should be built.

Then we can talk about that commute of a few miles that takes an hour because they never build enough road capacity to handle all the cars. And speaking of cars… and gas… and electricity…

Who are these environmental thugs? And how do they hold so much sway with the politicians? And how can we regain control so that we can enjoy all of the abundant blessings California has to offer?

This month we have a special treat for fans of truth in journalism. Katy Grimes, one of a precious few honest reporters, will be our guest on February 22nd. She’s been described as a political journalist, a saucy cynic and fair-minded analyst, who is never just a stenographer. She comes with an outstanding resume in both print and radio media. As editor of the California Globe, Katy is the one who unearths information on many different topics, and never shies away from reporting on corruption and abusive practices. Always a great read! Join us on February 22nd to hear the latest scandals rocking our state.

Date:  Wednesday, February 22nd

Location:  Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave., San Jose, CA 95125

Time:  Check in begins: 8:45 AM, Meeting called to order at 9:30 AM

Cost:  $20 Members, $25 Non-Members, Free to Premium Members (Reagan & Sponsors).  Cost includes buffet breakfast.

Click here to register for this event.

Woke’d Up Training–Saturday, February 18th

WOKE’D UP training
Turning the Tables
Taking the Racist Attack to School Boards

Sign up for Every Black Life Matters training. This class includes all the information you need to battle wokeness in your Colleges, Schools, Businesses and friends. With two dynamic teachers, you won’t be bored as you learn how to interact with the edge of the progressive envelope

Click here to register for this event on February 18th.

Assertions of “systemic racism” have prompted new ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), CRT, DEI, “Antiracism,” and “Racial Justice” (and associated) training and certification requirements. Unfortunately, most existing training/certifications depend heavily on rigid ideological political (predominately Leftist/Progressive) polity. As a result, current training paradigms use gratuitous racist tropes and ideologies rooted in racist ideas instead of relying on historical facts and truths to empower participants. Existing paradigms do little or nothing to help promote racial unity. 

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) provides training and certification that addresses ALL fundamental “racial issues” from the root, and you are invited to participate on 2/18!

Patriot Party–Happy Hour

Just for Fun! Patriot Party!  Happy Hour!
February 16th 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Join like-minded conservatives for wine tasting and appetizers at Cinnabar Tasting Room,  14612 Big Basin Way, Saratoga CA, 95070.  It’s a great opportunity to get to chat and get to know fellow SVARW members.  Plenty of street parking.

Cost:  $20 for Members, $25 for non-Members.  Sponsors are FREE but you must register.

RSVP by clicking here.



Get School Parcel Tax Exemption if 65+ or Disabled

A Lesson Learned from 2022 School Board Races
You can take this to the Bank!

We had 16 great candidates who ran for school board seats in November.  They all worked hard learning to raise money (gulp!), campaign and recruit volunteers.  Unbelievably, most of their opponents did practically NOTHING to get elected!

The Santa Clara County Democrat Party and their Teacher Union cohorts fiercely attacked our efforts. Our conservative candidates were accused of “infiltrating school boards” as if running for office was subversive activity.

Lesson Learned

Candidates backed by the Teacher Unions did not have to do much to get elected.   The Teacher Unions did all the heavy lifting and funding of those campaigns. With names like Union District Educators Association and Cambrian District Teachers Association, these unions sound like they care about children.  Most voters are fooled.  The Teacher Unions must control how the SCHOOL BOARD TRUSTEES vote for several reasons:

  • MILLIONS of dollars in contracts are voted on each year by the school boards.  It I imperative that these contracts go to UNION SHOPS.
  • Teacher compensation packages are negotiated and approved by the school boards.  Teacher Unions are electing the school board trustees who will give them what they want!
  • Teacher Unions promote and help pass School Bond Measures.  Bonds can only be used for “building” projects like new roofs, air conditioning, paving, etc.  The more building projects the more contracts that go to UNION shops.

You Can Take this Information to the Bank

To ensure that a bond measure passes, most include a provision exempting homeowners who are disabled or 65+ from paying the assessed parcel tax. YOU MUST BE PROACTIVE AND REQUEST THE EXEMPTION FROM THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

For Santa Clara County homeowners, follow the link below.  It lists the school districts and provides a contact information for requesting the exemption:

Protect Our National Sovereignty

World Health Organization’s Power Grab Denies Individuals of Dignity, Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms, And Overrides Our National Sovereignty

Tell Your Representatives To Vote No!

In late 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) began the process of drafting and negotiating amendments to its International Health Regulations with its 194 member nations.

The WHO’s objective to “improve pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response” appears admirable. But it gives unelected globalist elite bureaucrats the power to dictate to United States citizens about health matters based on a rumored “health emergency” that “may” affect other member nations.

An amendment quietly submitted by President Biden removed the phrase “WHO shall consult with and seek to obtain verification from the State Party whose territory the event is allegedly occurring.”   However, under Article II, section II of the Constitution, the President may negotiate a treaty, but the Senate must approve and consent to it by a two-thirds vote.

Despite that, proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations will be legally binding, requiring only a majority vote by the World Health Assembly, bypassing our legislative representatives and the people of the United States, and undermining our Constitution.

In addition, the amendment removes the requirement that the WHO regulations are implemented “with full respect for the dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of persons.”

Please take action to protect our Constitution.

Use this information to tell your Senator to treat the legally-binding amended International Health Regulations like a treaty and reject them so that We, the People, via our elected representatives, can retain our responsibility to determine how best to protect ourselves during a health emergency.

We should not rush to grant coercive powers of compulsion to unaccountable international elites. Relinquishing our individual and national sovereignty deserves public debate. Please share this email and post it to your social media.

Board and Commission Opportunities in Santa Clara County—Apply Now!

Board and Commission Opportunities in Santa Clara County—Apply Now!

Looking at the challenges inflicted on our lives by “the government”, our first reaction might be “I need to run for office”.  It is a noble desire to want to impact the government, but running for office and getting elected are two different things.  There is a much swifter route to impact your local community and that is to be appointed to a city or county Board or Commission.

Each of the 15 municipalities in Santa Clara County as well as the county government, have opportunities for citizen to serve in both advisory and decision making positions.  Being appointed and serving on a Board or Commission is a great way to understand how the local government works, the issues faced and it looks great on your resume if you do decide to run for office.

Unlike running for an office, vacancies in these positions happen at various times and you need to apply when there are openings.  Qualifications vary by position from just being a resident of the city/town to fulfilling other qualifications.

Go to the Boards and Commissions tab on the website and check out the opportunities in your city and Santa Clara County.  Contact Jan Soule at if you are interested in more information.  Remember…if you don’t have a seat in local government…a liberal will have it!

Boards and Commissions