June 28th SVARW Meeting–Single Global Currency?

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 We’re Rapidly Being Driven Toward a Single Global Currency

What steps should you take now?

Bitcoin? Digital currency? Central Bank Digital Currency? What’s the difference? What backs the paper money we use today? Is there still gold in Fort Knox? Are we really headed toward nationalized banking? Worse yet, globalized banking? Surely our government would never try to control our behavior by giving themselves control of our purse strings?

Our speaker, Victor Reed, first encountered startling truths about spying technologies used by our government while working for a defense contractor in the ‘80’s. In 1995, less than a decade later, he was launched down the “rabbit hole” by a confluence of disruptive events. Upon sharing the alarming facts he had discovered, he was called a “conspiracy theorist”, a label he wore until he was vindicated shortly after the beginning of the plandemic in 2020. The disturbing nature of his discoveries since 1995 have motivated him to dig deeper and deeper into history and law. Unlike other “conspiracy theorists”, he tests the veracity of his findings by personally putting his knowledge into practice. For example:

  • In 1995 he dug into the origins and nature of the Federal Reserve and Income Tax law, and discovered some shocking facts which he has tested and proven many times since then;
  • In a suit against a large client in 1996, he discovered its international banking ownership, its direct control by the Deep State, and a secret used by the ultra-rich to protect assets and avoid taxation;
  • In 2020 he successfully procured a passport without providing a Social Security Number;
  • Since 2020 he helped individuals and businesses fight “Social Distancing”, masking, and jabbing mandates.

Since the late ‘90’s, Victor Reed has garnered over a dozen legal wins for himself and others without using an attorney. He has been teaching the Constitution, law and biblical principles of resistance to tyranny since 2011 by way of seminars, small group studies, and one-on-one sessions. His mission is to help everyone break free of unconstitutional rules, mandates and Administrative State impositions – most of which are erroneously thought to be inescapable. He is not an attorney and he does not “practice law”. Victor is available for group seminars and professional consulting engagements. You can find him at https://passagetoliberty.com.

DATE/TIME:  Wednesday, June 28.  Check in begins at 8:45 AM

LOCATION:  Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave., San Jose, 95125

COST:  $20 for members, $25 for non-members, FREE for Reagan and Sponsor Members.  Includes breakfast.

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Fight Back with Our Neighborhood Voices

For the past year, the Our Neighborhood Voices team has been hard at work organizing Californians from every community in our state who believe that questions about the future of our neighborhoods should be up to us – not for-profit developers.

Nevertheless, developers and their friends and Legislators in Sacramento have continued to target communities all over the state with laws that allow developers to literally bulldoze the house next door to you and build a multi-story, multi-unit building in its place – and leaving you with the bill for services new residents need.

But we are fighting back. On Wednesday, June 28,  Susan Candell,  Councilmember and Former Mayor of Lafayette will present the reasons why we should join our efforts , and why we need to bring control of the future of our neighborhoods back to our communities.

Go to https://ourneighborhoodvoices.com/ to find out more!

GET MORE DETAILS ON THIS EFFORT: Details on Our Neighborhood Voices

The growing anger about so called “affordable housing” laws that build no affordable housing while taking away the right of neighbors to be heard about what happens literally right next door to their homes is igniting the largest “voter revolt” California has seen since Prop. 13 in 1978.

In the past several years, Sacramento politicians have passed a series of laws that allow development of six units or more on a single-family lot — and the politicians have stripped away the ability of neighbors to speak out about what is being built literally next door to their homes.


The Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative is gearing up to gather the signatures necessary to require a vote to restore local democracy on the November 2024 ballot.

Details on Our Neighborhood Voices


Opt Out of Teacher and Other Government Unions

Want more money in your paycheck? Leave your UNION now!
How To Opt Out of Government Unions

Each two-year election cycle, public sector unions (including Teacher Unions) spend over $600 million on political campaigning and lobbying in CALIFORNIA!  Those funds are essentially taxpayer dollars harvested from the checks of teachers, state, county, city, and other government workers.

For the individual government worker, like a teacher who pays $1200 a year, this means that over a “30 year career” they could easily pay $36,000 in union dues.  That is $36,000 deducted from their pay checks that could be invested for retirement.

For a teacher who believes schools shouldn’t teach children to be sexualized at an early age, this means that the unions are using TAXPAYER DOLLARS deducted from your paycheck and that of other government workers to push legislation and elect left-wing politicians working against the best interests of families and the children you teach.

In 2018, the United State Supreme Court issued its decision in Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 31. This landmark decision clarified and articulated public employees’ constitutional rights to choose not to pay union dues and fees.

For workers who are clinging to the unions to protect them from potential liability, there are alternative organizations who provide that liability insurance at a much lower cost.  Membership in these alternative organizations run from $234 to $400 per year vs $1200 per year in union dues.

Print out flyer for more details: How To Opt Out of Government Unions

Valley Water District Parcel Tax Exemption for Seniors


Low-Income Senior Parcel Tax Exemption

Are you 65 years old or older? Live in your own home as your primary residence?

Valley Water offers an exemption for qualifying low-income seniors from the Safe, Clean Water special parcel tax. The tax was renewed and approved by the voters in November 2020.

The application period for the 2023 Low-Income Senior Exemption Safe Clean Water Tax is April 15, 2023 – June 30, 2023.

Program Requirements for 2023

You could be exempt from the tax if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You were born before June 30, 1959.
  • Your total household income for 2022 was below 63,680. Total household income is the total gross income for every person over 18 years old who lives in the home. It excludes capital gains.
  • You live in and own the home the tax is assessed on.

Visit this link for more details and application.


News from Dr. Fox–Red Pill Healthcare


Request For COVID-19 Prevention Medicines


Our friend, Katy Grimes, at the California Globe has a story out today that Dr. Fox helped with:


Other Stories Recommended by Dr. Fox

Robert Kennedy Jr. on how ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine had to be suppressed in order to get the COVID shots authorized:


Scott Atlas on the lies that got and maintained the lockdowns:


Miranda Devine on Dr. Fauci’s scientific fraud:as to the Wuhan lab “leak.”



It looks like we might be finally starting to get some traction here.


Best wishes,



Silicon Valley Republican Assembly–(CRA)New Permanent Location and Meeting Day

New permanent meeting location and day for the Silicon Valley Republican Assembly!  CRA is a grassroots organization that Ronald Reagan called the “conscience of the Republican Party”.

Click here to join the Silicon Valley Republican Assembly–it is only $25 for the year!

The next meeting of the  “Silicon Valley Republican Assembly” is Thursday, May 25th, at 7:00 to 8:30 PM.

The new permanent meeting location is:

Mission City Post #564 –American Legion—2021 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95050.  Lots of parking.  Enter through BACK DOOR next to bar.

Come early at 6:30 PM and join us for a Happy 1/2 Hour at the Post 564 Bar.

More info at www.siliconvalleycra.com

This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded conservatives.  Here is an overview of what CRA is all about:    About Us – Our Mission – Beliefs

If you want to join and become a member you must be a registered Republican.  Dues are $25 for the year.  You can use this link to join:  Join the Silicon Valley Republican Assembly (wildapricot.org)

Join the Silicon Valley Republican Assembly (wildapricot.org)



Get School Parcel Tax Exemption if 65+ or Disabled

Click here to find if your school district offers an exemption from Parcel TAX and how to claim it.

If you do not live in Santa Clara County, check with your county’s Department of Tax and Collections.

A Lesson Learned from 2022 School Board Races
You can take this to the Bank!

We had 16 great candidates who ran for school board seats in November.  They all worked hard learning to raise money (gulp!), campaign and recruit volunteers.  Unbelievably, most of their opponents did practically NOTHING to get elected!

The Santa Clara County Democrat Party and their Teacher Union cohorts fiercely attacked our efforts. Our conservative candidates were accused of “infiltrating school boards” as if running for office was subversive activity.

Lesson Learned

Candidates backed by the Teacher Unions did not have to do much to get elected.   The Teacher Unions did all the heavy lifting and funding of those campaigns. With names like Union District Educators Association and Cambrian District Teachers Association, these unions sound like they care about children.  Most voters are fooled.  The Teacher Unions must control how the SCHOOL BOARD TRUSTEES vote for several reasons:

  • MILLIONS of dollars in contracts are voted on each year by the school boards.  It I imperative that these contracts go to UNION SHOPS.
  • Teacher compensation packages are negotiated and approved by the school boards.  Teacher Unions are electing the school board trustees who will give them what they want!
  • Teacher Unions promote and help pass School Bond Measures.  Bonds can only be used for “building” projects like new roofs, air conditioning, paving, etc.  The more building projects the more contracts that go to UNION shops.

You Can Take this Information to the Bank

To ensure that a bond measure passes, most include a provision exempting homeowners who are disabled or 65+ from paying the assessed parcel tax. YOU MUST BE PROACTIVE AND REQUEST THE EXEMPTION FROM THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

For Santa Clara County homeowners, follow the link below.  It lists the school districts and provides a contact information for requesting the exemption:


Board and Commission Opportunities in Santa Clara County—Apply Now!

Board and Commission Opportunities in Santa Clara County—Apply Now!

Looking at the challenges inflicted on our lives by “the government”, our first reaction might be “I need to run for office”.  It is a noble desire to want to impact the government, but running for office and getting elected are two different things.  There is a much swifter route to impact your local community and that is to be appointed to a city or county Board or Commission.

Each of the 15 municipalities in Santa Clara County as well as the county government, have opportunities for citizen to serve in both advisory and decision making positions.  Being appointed and serving on a Board or Commission is a great way to understand how the local government works, the issues faced and it looks great on your resume if you do decide to run for office.

Unlike running for an office, vacancies in these positions happen at various times and you need to apply when there are openings.  Qualifications vary by position from just being a resident of the city/town to fulfilling other qualifications.

Go to the Boards and Commissions tab on the www.SVARW.com website and check out the opportunities in your city and Santa Clara County.  Contact Jan Soule at jansoule@svarw.com if you are interested in more information.  Remember…if you don’t have a seat in local government…a liberal will have it!

Boards and Commissions