Woke’d Up Training–Saturday, February 18th

WOKE’D UP training
Turning the Tables
Taking the Racist Attack to School Boards

Sign up for Every Black Life Matters training. This class includes all the information you need to battle wokeness in your Colleges, Schools, Businesses and friends. With two dynamic teachers, you won’t be bored as you learn how to interact with the edge of the progressive envelope

Click here to register for this event on February 18th.

Assertions of “systemic racism” have prompted new ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), CRT, DEI, “Antiracism,” and “Racial Justice” (and associated) training and certification requirements. Unfortunately, most existing training/certifications depend heavily on rigid ideological political (predominately Leftist/Progressive) polity. As a result, current training paradigms use gratuitous racist tropes and ideologies rooted in racist ideas instead of relying on historical facts and truths to empower participants. Existing paradigms do little or nothing to help promote racial unity. 

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) provides training and certification that addresses ALL fundamental “racial issues” from the root, and you are invited to participate on 2/18!