Opportunity for Young Conservatives to Earn Money!

The Freedom Foundation is hiring Canvassers in your area!

The Freedom Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works toward informing public workers of their constitutional rights and is a national front-runner in the fight for worker freedom. After the recent Supreme Court decision Janus V. AFSCME, the supreme court stated that public employees were not required to join a union as a condition of employment. This means that public workers finally have the freedom to choose their union membership instead of being forced to join.

National unions spend dues to forward political causes that public workers may not agree with, therefore limiting the First Amendment Rights of many workers. To help spread the good news, the Freedom Foundation is hiring canvassers at $15/hr to hand out information regarding the recent Supreme Court Case. Canvassers can feel good about the work they’re doing and earn bonuses and pay raises for being exceptional.

For more information, email Samuel Coleman at scoleman@freedomfoundation.com or call 916.258.2710.

SVARW Annual Christmas Luncheon–December 12th at Maggiano’s

Wednesday, December 12

Check in Starts: 11:00 AM

Maggiano’s Restaurant —Santana Row–3055 Olin Ave Suite 1000, San Jose, CA 95128

 Purchase your ticket today for SVARW’s annual Christmas Luncheon!

Our program includes:

  • Installation of SVARW Officers for 2019 officiated by Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman. Mike will also provide an update about what is happening in Santa Clara County.
  •  Featured Charity: JW House
  • Complete luncheon served family style

Cost:  Early Bird price:  $39.  After November 20th:  $45                    

[Free to Sponsors—RSVP to Lisa Seago]

 Husbands and Guests welcome!

Christmas Meeting Reservation

Make check payable to SVARW—$39 per person—$45 after 11/20/18

Mail to: Lisa Seago, 13578 Wendy Lane, Saratoga, CA  95070

Or click here to purchase online using your credit card.

Supervisor WassermanSanta Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman

We are delighted that Supervisor Wasserman will be joining us to both officiate at the swearing in of SVARW Executive Officers for 2019 and to provide a brief overview of what is happening in Santa Clara County.  Mike is a long-time friend and member of SVARW along with his wife Kim and it is great to welcome him back to join us for our Christmas Celebration.

About JW House

JWHouseLogoOur mission at JW House is to keep families together during medical crisis by offering a welcoming home close to the hospital and providing a caring and compassionate environment that inspires hope.  We welcome families and individuals from 9 local area hospitals into our family for rest and self-care during the day or overnight while their loved one is in the hospital. Celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2018, we have served over 15,000 guests, provided over 16,000 nights of lodging, welcomed 67,000 day use visits (where caregivers can take a shower, do laundry, get a warm meal), served 54,000 meals through our Dinner is Served program.

No family should be separated when they need each other the most. At JW House, we face the challenges of serious illness together as a family and as a community.

About our Luncheon

 If you joined us last year, you recall the wonderful feast we enjoyed at Maggiano’s!  This year we were able to secure and even larger room to accommodate our group.

 Menu for Luncheon —Served Family Style

With freshly baked Ciabatta Rolls

First Course:  Salad and two appetizers

 Second Course:  Three entrees

Dessert:: Two desserts

Coffee, Hot or Iced Tea, Soft Drinks

No host bar available

Purchase your tickets today!!

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October 24th Meeting–My Journey from Communism and the Dangers for America

October 24, 2018

 My Journey from Communism, and the Dangerous Trends I see in America Today

DNC Chairman Tom Perez calls socialist candidates the future of the Democrat Party!

 Millions of Young Americans are following Bernie Sanders into socialism!

 China describes itself as a socialist country…not a communist country!


June Gilliam
June Gilliam

As a former member of the Chinese Communist Party, June Gilliam shares her journey from indoctrination by the Chinese government to an unvarnished understanding of American freedom and liberty. Lively and engaging, June will hold you in rapt attention as she discusses her own experiences, and sounds a warning signal to all Americans about the ever-encroaching threats of socialism and communism.

Socialism and it’s big brother, Communism, has been tried for more than 100 years by hundreds of millions of people, and the results are always the same: Its fruits are death, destruction, and despair.

While the threat of terrorism is visible to Americans as they are forced through more and more security screenings, infiltration of socialism and communism in our country is mostly hidden. Silently and effectively, they have eroded the foundation of America through systematic attacks on our education system, economy, morality, and traditional culture. As our nation is horribly divided, it is vital for all of us to recognize this new form of evil in order to win this battle.

Born and raised in the largest city of China – Shanghai, Ms. June Gilliam graduated from one of the top universities where she became a member of the communist party. In 1998 she came to the U.S. hoping to advance her career. She has been involved in public speech to offer honest insights of China and to raise awareness of China’s Human Rights issues since 2008.

In addition to her public involvement, Ms. Gilliam has a Master’s degree in Management of Information System. She has been working for a Fortune 100 company in Silicon Valley for the past 17 years as a business operations management professional. Ms. Gilliam is an avid world traveler, a leisure sailor and a hard-core hiker. She currently resides in Santa Cruz with her husband and two young children.

We expect a large crowd for this event!

WEDNESDAY October 24, 2018

Tickets are $15 and include buffet breakfast. Event is free to Reagan, Patriot Gold and Sponsor members .


Location:  Three Flames Restaurant, 1547 Meridian Ave. San Jose, CA 95125.

Time: Check in begins at 9:00 AM, Program begins at 9:30 AM

We expect a large turnout for this meeting so please purchase tickets or RSVP to minimize your wait in the check in line.

Women, Men, members and non-members are always welcome to SVARW Events and Meetings

AB 2943 is Dead for This Legislative Session!!!!!!!!!!

AB 2943 Announcement from Capitol Resource

August 31st is the last day of the legislative session in California, and Assemblyman Low just announced that he has pulled AB 2943.

Read:California legislator shelves bill to ban paid ‘gay conversion therapy’ for adults

This means that he will not bring this to a vote on the Floor today, which was the last opportunity for bills to be voted on this legislative cycle. So this bill will not and cannot go to the Governor to be signed into law this year. If a bill is not voted on by midnight tonight, it is dead.

We want to thank Assemblyman Low for considering the repercussions of this bill and making the decision to pull it. We believe that we can have disagreements on policy and even life decisions, yet do so in a respectful manner, and that is what we have aimed to do throughout this process.

We would also like to thank all of the citizens who have taken time to write, call, and visit your legislators. Your action made an impact. Thank you for the trips you’ve made to the capitol, for the work you’ve done to educate your friends, family, and fellow church members. We strive to keep you up-to-date on issues that will affect your religious freedom, parental rights, free speech, etc., and in turn, we are grateful when you take the time to voice your opinion to stand for your rights and the rights of others.

Under AB 2943 all types of counseling, including talk therapy, group sessions, and even journaling, would have been outlawed if it helps a person address unwanted same-sex attractions or gender identity questions.

Conferences and retreats, such as a marriage conference or church men’s retreat, that help individuals or couples with these issues would have been subject to the law. A variety of services offered by a religious school or college could have also trigger the law, including counseling services, classes, and even school policies that require students to change their sexual behavior as a condition of enrolling in the school.

We opposed AB 2943 because it attacks conscience rights on two fronts: adults seeking to resolve unwanted feelings of sexuality and gender, and counselors, experts, authors and even religious leaders trying to help.

We are grateful that this bill which threatened religious liberty and free speech has been pulled. It is our commitment to you that we will remain vigilant, keeping you up-to-date on important legislation affecting you, your family, your faith, and your community. 

Lobby and Latte Report from June 22nd Visit to Senator Beall’s office

Watch the video!

Lobbying at Senator Beall's Campbell Office
Lobbying at Senator Beall’s Campbell Office

We are trilled that 27 SVARW members and friends showed up at 10:00 AM prepared to walk into Senator Beall’s district office in Campbell.  We gathered outside the building, introduced ourselves and paused for a moment of prayer.

We entered the office and filled the available standing space probably startling an intern and a representative that were quietly working in their offices.  They quickly explained that Senator Beall was at a coffee somewhere else in San Jose and didn’t have time in his schedule to see us….this was not a surprise.

We continued to press in presenting the file of information printed out from The Capitol Resource website to the representative for Beall to read.   It was clear that we were not about to turnaround and walk out and continued to inquire on how we could ensure that Senator Beall got our message.  The representative produced a tablet where we could sign our names in opposition to AB 2943.

Coffee after Lobbying!!!
Coffee after Lobbying!!!

Finally determining that we were not about to leave without having our concerns voiced, the representative pulled the chief of staff out of her office to speak with us.  We were respectful, but everyone who had something to say had an opportunity.  The chief of staff assured us that Senator Beall would read what we had handed over and the representative promised to forward information about the status of the bill.  Later in the day she did send an email which is posted below.

Those that had time, met down the block at Peet’s coffee in the Pruneyard and really had a great time exchanging ideas!!  We should definitely consider this local lobby effort again…the liberals in Sacramento churn out so much garbage legislation that we will have many opportunities.

Here is the email from Beall’s representative:

Hi Jan,

Thank you for coming in today –

AB 2943 has been moved by the author, so no need for the group to go up to Sacramento as it won’t be voted on Monday. We do not know when until further notice by the author, and I was told it could be until after summer recess, which would be after August 6th. Please contact Assemblymember Low’s office for further updates at (916) 319-2028. I will work with his staff to get more information for you and be in touch.

Have a great weekend.


Yvonne Chao

District Representative

Senator Jim Beall—SD 15

2105 S. Bascom Ave, Suite 154

Campbell, CA 95008

(408) 558-1295




Campbell District Office

2105 S. Bascom Avenue Suite 154
Campbell, CA  95008
Phone: (408) 558-1295

More about AB 2943

Banned from Amazon: You Don’t Have to Be Gay: Hope and Freedom for Males Struggling with Homosexuality, Jeff Konrad

 Leviticus 18:22 “Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.”  This verse along with several others like it could outlaw sale of the Bible, Torah, or Quran in California.

 AB2943, authored by local Assemblyman Evan Low, is wending its way through the state legislature right now. This bill, titled “Unlawful business practices: sexual orientation change efforts”, would outlaw the sale of resources, conferences, or paid counseling for anyone with unwanted same-sex desires or gender identity confusion. AB2943 has already passed the Assembly 50-18, and will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee next week.

This is clearly censorship. It would be illegal for Amazon to sell books aimed at helping those with same-sex struggles. Proponents of the bill claim outlawing the sale of the Bible is a far stretch, but the debate is raging.

In 2012, SB1172 outlawed healthcare professional from counseling minors on sexual orientation. This latest bill would outlaw sought-after sexual orientation counseling, and even books or media on the subject, for anyone of any age. If you agree this is a step too far, here are actions you can take:

Call to Action:

  1. Contact your State Senator

Call, write, email or, better yet, show up at their district office – you can find them here: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov

Join us for Lobby and Latte on Friday June 22nd at 10:00 AM at Senator Jim Beall’s office

Campbell District Office

2105 S. Bascom Avenue Suite 154
Campbell, CA  95008
Phone: (408) 558-1295