Our History


That government exists to protect the rights and freedom of the citizens,  and to guarantee equal protection, under the Constitution, That freedom of opportunity, and the right of the individual to make his own basic choices, should be protected and promoted, and government activities should be limited to those things which people cannot do, or cannot do as well for themselves. That the genius of America stems from the Constitutional system of government and our free enterprise economy which rewards the efforts and creative capacity of our citizens, That the rights of life and liberty are meaningless if the individual’s property is taken from him through excessive taxation, inflation or government waste, That citizens should, through their government, as well as through other means, assist those who cannot provide for themselves.


SVARW is an independent, conservative organization committed to supporting and defending the principles of our Founding Fathers as written in the Constitution of the United States of America, whose mission it is to elect qualified, conservatives to Santa Clara County non-partisan offices, and to educate and motivate our members to support Conservative principles.


  •  Honesty in government
  • Business efficiency in the conduct of government
  • Public officials of high character
  • Preservation of Freedom
  • Preservation of our free enterprise system
  • Preservation of a sound economy
  • Adequate national defense


The 1964 Presidential election was disastrous for Republicans with Barry Goldwater receiving practically no electoral votes. A renewed effort was needed to pull the Republican Party up and make it a viable party for the future.

With this in mind, Mrs. Margaret Leete contacted Darella Allen and Evelyn Morgan proposing the formation of a Republican Women’s Club in Los Gatos. They rallied 10 other ladies to help form the group and their first meeting was December 14, 1964 with 36 women in attendance. From this group, a new organization was founded in 1997…The Association of Republican Women. For the last decade, ARW has been very active in local Republican political races, with many members running for positions in local and state government.

In 2007, ARW was reorganized as the Silicon Valley Association of Republican Women in recognition of our growing influence and membership in the Silicon Valley.  SVARW is dedicated to electing qualified conservative candidates to local offices in Santa Clara County.

Another disastrous defeat for Republicans in 2008 sparked tremendous growth for SVARW.  As administration policies pulled America away from its founding principles; as the richest state in the union plunged into near bankruptcy; and as local governments are plagued by overwhelming budget shortfalls, Silicon Valley Republicans (both women AND men) have joined SVARW.  Based on numerous requests, in 2010, the Silicon Valley Association of Republican Women amended its bylaws to create a standalone membership category for men.